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Forums / Anxiety / Anxiety/ OCD Really fast heart rate constantly

Topic: Anxiety/ OCD Really fast heart rate constantly

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  1. ChefCasper
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    7 posts
    21 December 2016

    Hello Everyone i'm new to this forum and would like to give a brief history about myself i am currently 18 and have suffered from anxiety and depression since 11, i started to developed OCD since 15 at first it was just repeating things and thoughts so bad stuff don't happen, but since 16 years old it develop to intrusive thoughts with many themes throughout or multiple theme at once over the last 2 years. I took medication  since 14 and it helped a lot but after 4 years it stopped working, so i stop taking them now for 4 months now (tried to withdrawal many times but failed during the 4 years). Now my Anxiety and OCD is bad and one of my main theme now is my Heart, it happen 3 weeks ago when i recovered from a cold but still had a cough, i was playing video games then suddenly my heart started racing for no reason i panicked and tested my heart rate it was 140 so i panicked even more and since that day my heart rate has not dropped below 100 mostly around 100-130 and i constantly keep thinking and feel about my heart everyday and when i start thinking about it gets worse and now i don't know what to do could it be a serious heart problem, chest infection(cough is a dry cough with some white phlegm and annoying chest feeling) or anxiety because right now i'm experience the worst stress possible from OCD such as repeating every action and constantly facing intrusive thoughts, anxiety about going out of my house because of the heart problem and really low self -esteem which causes my to feel worthless and depressed, i never had a moment were i'm stress free for 2 years now and don't know what to do anymore i cant deal with all these problem anymore and they keep snowballing everyday especially the heart fear. Thanks for reading this and sorry if i have grammar or spelling mistake.





  2. MsPurple
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    1621 posts
    21 December 2016 in reply to ChefCasper

    Hi ChefCasper

    Welcome to the BB forums . Just letting you know all forum users (excluding Dr Kim) are regular people like yourself, you may also be suffering with a mental illness. We are here to support each other and offer advice. However it should be noted that you should not take advice from here over a doctors/professional advise.

    Anxiety can cause havoc on the body. It can affect many body systems such as digestive (make you need to go to the toilet all the time), CNS (Increased heart rate) etc. It is common for someone to have increased heart rate when anxious. It is because it uses the fight or flight response. If you have chronic anxiety it is common for you to have an increased heart rate compared to the normal non-anxious population. However if it is a concern to your I suggest going to talk to your GP about your concern. Now this is me saying this as a general statement, I don't know your medical history so it is probably a good idea to talk to your GP about it anyways. I have a slightly increased heart rate compared to others, but my dr has said it is normal for me and my GAD.

    Have you talked to your GP or anyone about your anxiety issues/concern? I suggest you do. It was really hard for me to do this and I avoided it for years. I wish I had done so sooner. Now I am getting treated and my life is so much easier. I still have anxiety but it is manageable and not debilitating anymore. I didn't have a gp so I went to headspace. They can refer you to a counsellor and look after your needs there. I saw a GP (need to see one to get the free/rebated psych counselling through medicare) a mental health nurse/psychologist (in Sydney I saw a mental health nurse and in Melbourne a psych) and a psychiatrist. They were really good. Not saying you'll need these services however it is good they have a variety of services. You can also just see someone your GP refers you to if you want. Sorry if this advice isn't relevant to you but I like to put it up for new people incase they need more info.

    Hope this helps and keep me updated :) I am also dyslexic so sorry for typos

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  3. Verita
    Verita avatar
    15 posts
    21 December 2016 in reply to ChefCasper

    HI ChefCasper,

    Hang in there , i am new to these posts and yours is the first i have read, i have anxiety and and undiagnosed OCD. I had issues with a racing heart , what felt like heart palpitations several months ago and thought it was just my anxiety playing tricks on me, i went to the doctor because it was frightening and i told him i thought it was anxiety and it ends up i have something called frequent ectopic heartbeats which can make your heart feel unusual, extra strong beats, but is not damaging to the heart in any way and is quite common and i think it is more common in people with anxiety. The anxiety around my heart at that time was really intense and definitely played a role in the fact my heart rate was up at 150 at times. But since seeing a doctor and having it checked properly, i dont have that anxiety anymore. Dont be afraid to see a doctor, they can give you some reassurance, give you a ecocardiogram to rule out any heart issues and offer you a referal to someone to talk about your anxiety with also. Contact me if you have any questions and be brave see a doctor, most of them should be understanding.

  4. geoff
    Life Member
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    geoff avatar
    16455 posts
    22 December 2016 in reply to ChefCasper
    hello Casper, welcome to the BB site where OCD seems to be a very dominant issue at the moment, whether it's the time of the year being Xmas, or the fear of seeing relations at this time so these could be contributing to your OCD.
    Any medication needs to be reviewed by your doctor on a constant basis, because what happens is that our body gets used to taking the same medication after a long time which can then make it ineffective.
    There is no doubt that the effects from having this illness are very strong, something that only people with this illness really understand, because for others to take on board what it does to us only seems to be ridiculous, but we know that it's actually what happens to us.
    I say 'us' because I've had OCD for 56 years and what ever anyone has said about what it does to us is so very true, because all of it has happened for me, and still does even though I take a SSRI medication and have for over 20 years when I was diagnosed by my doctor.
    We develop a routine when we are home because sometimes that's when it has the strongest power over us, such as touching something as many times as you need to, like before you go to bed you may have to look at something 4 or 5 times, whatever number it is for you, and if you don't then your anxiety goes through the roof, in other words it has to be done everytime.
    It doesn't matter what ever feeling you have, either being with your heart, intrusive thoughts or checking the lock, they are all the same and all are so powerful, perhaps you should go back to your doctor and ask to try another SSRI, because everyone has degrees as to how extensive their OCD is, but even by having a very low OCD illness still controls our life. Geoff.
  5. ChefCasper
    ChefCasper avatar
    7 posts
    22 December 2016 in reply to MsPurple
    HI MsPurple thanks you for your input, Your right about getting help i had help for a while from a psychologist but i never told them my problem because i felt embarrass and guilty so i just hold them in myself and stopped going i think i will go again and again thanks you for your help and its great your feeling better.
  6. ChefCasper
    ChefCasper avatar
    7 posts
    22 December 2016 in reply to geoff
    Hi geoff it must be tough dealing with OCD for 56 years, your right about taking SSRI but i cant get myself to take it anymore because i always felt really tired and sick taking it and basically don't want to take it anymore, i must admit it did get me out of a rut but now i think its time to try therapy with a psychologist, thanks for your input it really helped.
  7. ChefCasper
    ChefCasper avatar
    7 posts
    22 December 2016 in reply to Verita
    HI Verita im also new to this post and am very grateful you posted on my thread, it must sucks having a fast heart rate but its good your not worrying anymore, i went to my GP and i got an ECG and they said results were fine even though my heartrate was 107 and today i will be getting a 24 heart monitor, thanks for your input Verita.
  8. Verita
    Verita avatar
    15 posts
    23 December 2016 in reply to ChefCasper
    Thats great you went to the doctor, and your ECG is fine! our heart rates can go up and down dramatically over a day especially with the anxiety. Just relax with the heart monitor test, actually that test freaked me out cos i hadn't had the ECG at that stage and when i went in for my results i asked the doctor if i could go to the gym and he said he wouldnt advise it because he said that my heart rate was too low and also too high ! as soon as he said that i was shocked, and that was when i really thought something was wrong with me. But when seeing the cardiologist who is the real expert on heart health, he told me that my heart was normal and i could go to the gym and drink coffee if i wanted which was a great relief. I ended up changing doctors after that. I dont notice the ectopic beats much at all anymore because im not focused on them which is what obsessive thinking and anxiety tend to do exaggerate everything!! Its always good i find to take a deep breath and say everything is as it should be, i am safe , feel greatful for all the beautiful things in my life and i like to pray and give my worries and concern to god/universe and try and accept things as they are. I find trying to battle thoughts makes them more intense , sometimes just going out in nature and away from all the distractions like computer, tv, technology is the best thing you can do. Physical activity can make you feel so much better , helps get you out of your head a bit too. A heart rate of 107 is not so bad , mine was from between 40 and 150 in 24hrs and that ended up being fine too.
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