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Forums / Anxiety / First ever thread. Anxiety

Topic: First ever thread. Anxiety

5 posts, 0 answered
  1. Lucy goose
    Lucy goose avatar
    2 posts
    15 May 2019
    Hello, this is my first ever experience on a forum. I have suffered severe Gad on and off over the years. Last epusode was 6 years ago which i experienced intrusive thoughts as well. It has reared its ugly head in recent months and im struggling every day. It begsn several months ago when my daughter began having her own anxiety and behabioral issues. The stress brought on my own issues, now im back in the throws of severe anxiety, lots of crying, trying to get through work each day. I doubled my dose of meds which hasnt helped a great deal. Thinking i msy need ti change my meds and try something new.
    Sometimes that overwhelming fear is just to much to bare. Can anyone please send me some similar stories, especially i hope and recovery. Just an understanding ear would be nice.
    Thank you.
  2. BradN
    BradN avatar
    2 posts
    15 May 2019 in reply to Lucy goose

    Hi Lucy

    This is also my first post - was going to start my own thread but thought I’d reply to yours.

    I’m a 31 year old male, married with a 10 month old daughter. I too have suffered anxiety over the years however it has intensified over the last few months. I work in a city office environment and it’s just a horrible slog at the moment. I have completely lost confidence in my abilities. I feel like anything that slightly goes wrong is my fault and I’m going to lose my job over it. Work is actually very supportive of my anxiety but my brain is just eating me alive. Hard to put into words. I’ve been seeing a therapist and taking meds for over 10 years, you would think things should have improved.

    Hope I haven’t hijacked your thread Lucy!



  3. Lucy goose
    Lucy goose avatar
    2 posts
    16 May 2019 in reply to BradN
    Hi Brad, thankyou so much for replying. Its nice to know ive been heard. Yes ive been suffering anxiety on and off for 15 years or so. I usually go through bouts, im always on medication and im also seeing a therapist. This time it seems to be taking longer to recover, then i start to wrack my brain to find out what i need to do to change things, which only leads to more anxiety.
    Im sorry to hear of your anxiety too. Its a cruel illness. Do you think your anxiety was brought on by the birth of your child?
    Regards Lucy.
  4. BradN
    BradN avatar
    2 posts
    20 May 2019 in reply to Lucy goose

    Hi Lucy

    I’ve been wracking my brain as well, trying to figure out what needs to be done differently. I feel like perhaps some decent time away from work will be helpful but my family is against that idea as they think it may lead to feeling even more isolated.

    I think the fact that being a father means less time for myself may be a factor. However I think the biggest reason is giving up alcohol this year. Feels like I haven’t really learnt to handle life without it.

  5. Wonderland
    Wonderland  avatar
    1 posts
    20 May 2019 in reply to BradN

    Hi brad and Lucy.

    I am 20 and have had anxiety for 5 years. It went up and down in the first few years but now it’s something I feel I live with.

    I am also struggling at work which is why I decided to join these forums. There is one lady who is actually at the same level as me but has claimed a lot of authority in my workplace. She is very critical and if I do something she doesn’t like she is very loud and cruel.

    I also am struggling with how to deal with this. I want to get away from this woman who causes me so much grief, but am I just giving in to avoidance behaviour?

    I just want someone to talk to


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