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Forums / Anxiety / Life is so hard right now

Topic: Life is so hard right now

  1. Snaedis
    Snaedis avatar
    22 posts
    30 September 2021 in reply to Booklover17

    Hi Booklover17,

    Hope you have been doing better. I am so sorry you are feeling like this. I completely understand how you feel. I am in a very similar situation with my "friends". Makes you feel not good but PLEASE DON'T BLAME YOURSELF. I know how hard it is to believe because I surely don't but trust me there's nothing wrong with you. Yes maybe new friends is something you need but don't be hard on yourself. Think of it as universe's way of guiding you away from wrong people. Always here if you need xxx

  2. George_K
    George_K avatar
    9 posts
    3 October 2021 in reply to Booklover17

    Hi Booklover
    First off, awesome name - bookworms for the win : )

    Is it that you're after protracted human discourse about how you're feeling and life in general, or an outlet for dialogue or debate with others?

    If it's the latter, might online forums be an option? I probably fall more on the anti-social side of the scale - very occasional emails\messages to friends overseas (sometimes a month or more between contacts, but that goes both ways - we're solid), last saw 'local' RL friends ... erm 2020 (?!?) - probably overdue to drop them a line (again we're solid), but do have regular contact with family so my situation and what suits me may not suit you at all. To be honest I'm spending a lot of time with my nose in ebooks - Kindle Unlimited, though high quality writing is really hard to find, or else I'm just fussier than most.

    Amongst other online activity, I participate in a SF&F forum - though much of the debate happens in a political subforum, or occasionally a humo(u)r subforum (sadly American misspelling dominates on the site). If you're not into politics or SF&F that obviously wouldn't suit (!!!) but could online activity function as a partial alternative?

    Hope this isn't too way off base and is somewhat useful.

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