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Forums / BB Social Zone / The poetry corner - post your poems in here

Topic: The poetry corner - post your poems in here

  1. mmMekitty
    Valued Contributor
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    mmMekitty avatar
    926 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to Sophie_M

    Hello Sophie M

    I have been reading many poems tonight. It has been a wonderful diversion.

    Makes me think I would like to post some poems I have written here. I like to put my name to 'real' writing I have worked on. I have a pseudonym I would be happy to use instead. would that be okay?

    (Just between us, I should of used this pseudonym as my username in the first place, perhaps??? Oh, but I lahve Mekitty!)

  2. Deeply  Honest
    Deeply  Honest  avatar
    6 posts
    15 October 2021 in reply to Jo3
    can you describe to me the little girl you used to be? She sounds like someone you like to spend time with,someone special why?
  3. pl515p1
    pl515p1 avatar
    107 posts
    25 October 2021
    Shine me some light
    So I can see where you are
    In the longest night I need hope
    So I stare up at the stars
    I am falling away
    And lost inside this dark
    Today all I once had is now gone
    Just faint remains of your spark

    These words are mere pieces
    To a puzzle without end
    Some things I should have told you
    That escape while I descend

    These little phrases of thought
    I give them to you
    I hope you can see them
    I hope they get through

    If only I knew then, what now I do know
    If only I did not lose everything to now grow
    I could have seen the way, before it was here
    I could have been on the right path, it would be so clear

    If only I could go back and make it all right
    Show you who I am now, but I can only write
    You some more words, that I wish I had said
    As I sat there beside you
    As you lay in your bed

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