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Forums / BB Social Zone / We're all mad here.

Topic: We're all mad here.

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  1. k.therase
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    5 posts
    23 June 2014

    Thought I would share the poems from over a year ago. I am now okay. 

    In this land i seek the fork, that part in the road where the flowers talk. It’s exclaimed that every one here is mad,not in the anger but simply a crazy fad. In this mystical land of  impractical guilt, its time to acknowledge the madness built.

    In the land of Alice’s parnoia and suspicion,I seek for those on a mission. To break hearts and tea cup plates, those who are cruel are behind the cakes. Walking around like they own the land, but really their personalities are just bland. The fake ones should be thrown into the land of leaches.

    In Alices land, a world of my own, I walk the streets with my shadow alone. I struggle to conqure those who are mean, I fill up the room with the tears that are green. The envy filled inside those black hearts, they bleed and tare like abstract art. The tea cups are smashed and the cake eaten, now it is only my mind to be beaten.

    In the land Alice has created, I seem to be the only one ever hated. All I receive from thou who are treasured, are knives and daggers as my back is turned and severed.

    In Alice’s world of deceiving and crultey, my mind is made up, yup, absolutely. I find thy friends made from smiles and laughs, but really their all hiding behind those masks. They tease and joke, because they think it’s funny, when in Alice’s world it is a waste of money. To spend life on those who don’t matter, when all I need is the mad hatter.

    I live in Alice’s land of wonders and lies, wondering who has the best disguise. The mad hatter, or the queen of hearts, all the friends shatter thy world into parts. Looking for the staggering path to no where, but there doesn’t seem to be a soul to care. Alice’s world of mischief and fun, sometimes I think I’m finally done.

  2. Struggler
    Struggler avatar
    346 posts
    23 June 2014 in reply to k.therase

    Hi k


    Such an exquisite poem and it rhymes too.  Thank you for posting it here for us to enjoy.


  3. geoff
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    15566 posts
    24 June 2014 in reply to k.therase
    dear K.therase, sometimes people have to knack for these poems to just roll them off, and I'm sure this was one of yours, it's good. L Geoff. x

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