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Forums / Depression / I dont really understand life

Topic: I dont really understand life

  1. randomx
    randomx avatar
    1745 posts
    13 January 2021 in reply to Croix

    Hi stu. Hope your ok.

    Another here where my marriage fell apart and didn't end well. l could live with that but the thought of my daughter not having her family in tact made me sick to the stomach. At first l wanted to save the family so badly , wasn't sure about the marriage , and life was as depressing as it gets. 2-3yrs l really hated this new part time dad life but l was feeling better on the most. Even enjoying being single. later on a yr or 2 became interested in women again and met a few then a new gf and now the lady lm with now.

    Weirdest thing , ex w was in my lounge just last night picking up my daughter, haven't stood beside her in 5 yrs now. We talk all the time daughter stuff but not in person. Seeing her again though last night, so strange - but not regrets and def' no envy pf her new hubby. She is a good person but on that front now no way known l'd swap my lady now or even if l was single life soooo, there's light at the end of the tunnel. You just never know what's in stall or round the next corner later on , even after the 2 or 3 yrs of hell l went through , things get better and new things happen , and you even start loving singlehood , it's sooooo much easier and drama free , - if it does stay that way.

    ps , wish l had your name , stu . always wanted a name like that. rx

  2. clown of mine
    clown of mine avatar
    90 posts
    14 January 2021 in reply to randomx

    Stu all I've got is - people who eat lightening Crap thunder !

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