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Forums / Depression / narcissistic injury

Topic: narcissistic injury

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. xav2186
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    2 posts
    1 September 2014

    I am hoping someone might be able to share their thoughts on this mental health condition, narcissistic injury.  I have been diagnosed with this condition, narcissistic injury 18 months ago.  I am sometimes overwhelmed by terribly violent thoughts but they are no were near as controlling as what they used to be.  Sometimes the thoughts are like an out of control missile which can  turn on me, suicide, self harm.  It causes me incredible mental distress and pain, the pain may last for short moments, hours and long days. I have been admitted to a psychiatric hospital on three occasions.   You feel so distressed sometimes because  it is off the charts. When in hospital I was told  it was not appropriate to share my thoughts with other patients as it may scare them.   The only persons i can tell is my psychotherapist, who I am very lucky to have  and some close friends.  

    - Any feedback this character (villian) receives is usually perceived as a personal attack in him self which sends him into an inner rage, this rage is often disproportional to the ‘offence’ and will manifest itself through extreme irrational thoughts. I call it rage but actually it is really a very deep sense of pain and hurt.  The villain is narcissist very pre-occupied with him self, he is at his best (worst) when something important needs to be done.  This  villain is not some random fictitious thing that has just appeared out of no where, he was conceived out of a need to serve a purpose, which was  up until now, helping me cope and survive     -  hope this make sense.

    The hospital that i have been going to is actually very relaxing, the staff are fantastic and there is a real feeling of community among the patients.  I would encourage anyone with a mental health issue to speak to their doctor about getting an admission.  But mine is a private clinic so I am not sure how this compares to some public psych hospitals.

    Never the less I am really interested in hearing from someone with this condition,  As a consequence I have developed anxiety and am on AD and I am in fear of when the next episode may happen.  Does any one out there have this condition.

    beyondblue’s clinically-trained moderators often work offline (invisible to you) on issues relating to suicide or self-harm. At the same time, general supportive comments from the community are encouraged. If you have concerns around suicide or self-harm, please phone our support service on 1300 22 4636

  2. MrsCam
    MrsCam avatar
    104 posts
    2 September 2014

    hi xav2186,

    I have never heard of this conditon before so Im sorry i am unable to offer any advice or insight.

    I just wanted to say "welcome to BB"

    hopefully someone else on the forums will be able to respond with some useful info for you

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