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Forums / Depression / Not sure what I feel!

Topic: Not sure what I feel!

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  1. Spixx86
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    1 posts
    19 October 2021

    I woke up feeling this way, I ignored my responsibilities and stayed in bed for a few more hours. The kids are hungry the animals are howling, the dishes are dirty the washing is piling up and I still want to just lie here.

    But the thing is....I don't know why I feel this way, how did it start, what is the cause?

    I know it's depression but what do I do. It comes and goes, I push it away, I act like everything is okay for my kids and partner. I skip work and make up some excuse to not go in, I don't know what I should do. I'm tired all the time even though I sleep 8-10hours a night.

    ahhhh what to do?

    Call my doctor, get a mental health plan and speak to someone. It works for a bit then it comes back again. Not even sure when the last time was I felt this way but even writing this my heart races and I hold back tears.

    thanks for taking the time to read my forum. First time writing in so don't expect anyone to say anything.


  2. Positive_vibes89
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    Positive_vibes89  avatar
    118 posts
    19 October 2021 in reply to Spixx86
    Hi Spixx86 thank you for posting in the forum and expressing how you feel. I am the same as you, I stayed in bed for hours as well and I do this all the time. No energy to get up and feeling constantly tired all the time. It takes alot of effort to get up and get going everyday. But for you hungry children is a real priority, you have the responsibility to ensure they are cared for so I suggest you get up and look after them. Do you have a partner or family member that you can call to help you today with the rest of the housework? We really never know why we get the feelings of depression or lack of motivation but I blame our covid pandemic and our constant lockdowns. I have found myself to have become very lazy, overweight and just lost the enjoyment for life. Ive been feeling that there has not been much to look forward to in the last two years. I know this might be difficult but I suggest some exersise, take the kids out for a walk in some fresh air today. Go sit along the beach and listen to the waves, brethe in that fresh air. Going outside for a few hours, I find is helpful because being inside a house all the time can be very stuffy. Are you on any medication for your depression? When im feeling down, i ring up beoynd blue to talk to somone. After ive vented to them I feel so much better. Sometimes all you need is somone to listen, maybe you should give them a call right now 1300 22 4636
  3. On The Road
    Valued Contributor
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    On The Road avatar
    69 posts
    21 October 2021

    Hello Spixx86

    I'm glad that you reach out and I completely understand how difficult is and how struggling for you to live through this, especially when you are the one who needs support but you are supporting your kids as a parent and still be tough and strong in front of your kids and partner. The household chores just rub salt to the wound🙁

    I particularly resonate with that constant fatigue and the situation of falling back to the "depression trap" again, I hear you and feel you as someone who has similar experiences.🙁

    As Positive_vibes89 said, you can call 1300 22 4636, 24/7 or you can use Chat online
    1pm – 12am / 7 days if you are not comfortable with talking. I hope you stick around here and be with us in this supportive community. 🙂

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