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Topic: Please, please help

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. zz101
    zz101 avatar
    1 posts
    29 May 2013

    I know it's not the place to ask this but I am crying  my eyes out writing this. I'm 16 and I hate my life. I can't even look in the mirror anymore. I hate how I look and half the time I hope I was never born because if I did decided to commit suicide I wouldn't hurt anyone. I wish I was never born to never exist if you get me?

    Please,please help. This is torture.

    I need help with Orthodontic treatment. I cannot afford it as I am a full-time secondary school student with no medical card and my mother is a single widowed parent. I have been going through the pain of not having braces since as long as I can remember from being bullied in school to not being able to smile in photos or opting out of them altogether. I cannot carry on like this. I went to two separate orthodontist and even with the payment plan my mother and I would not be able to afford it.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. The Real David Charles
    The Real David Charles avatar
    1014 posts
    29 May 2013

    Dear 16 yr old "zz101",

    Your hormones are raging and the pressure to fit into society's crazy "media style" is very distressing to read.     It's not money or Orthodontic work that will help you in the long run - these are just quick solutions (if you have the money) and maybe some class mates would even tease you for being the way BEFORE you looked and felt better even if you had the work done.  Merciless bitches !

    I'm sensing you have a golden heart.   A sensitivity that is really beautiful.   You value someone for their character, personality, imagination, creativity, empathy, sports qualities, musicality, caringness, wise cracking, leg pulling, acadamic ability, way they can steal 3 mars bars when at the Tuck Shop, walk funny and take the piss out of the Head Teacher, colour sense, individuality, charm, intelligence or stand on whether Guy Fawkes could have really blown up Parliament if he'd got the 7:12pm Bus from Clapham Common instead of the 8:28pm and not got caught by the Kings Soldiers.  Dam that bus driver that called in sick that night.

    The Government suspended their Dental Scheme for Disability Pensioners last Nov 2012 and might not ever bring it back (valued at $4,000 odd free dental pa).   Sometimes a relative will chip in for surgery.     Or you can work p/time at the weekends and save up.  My 18 yr daughter has saved up $3,000 for her 2nd Europe trip just by doing cashier work at a local nursery, babysitting and house sitting.   Even delivering the Sun paper brings in $40 for 2 hrs work (8am - 10am).   There are some little jobs you can do on a regular basis to bring up the dental payment slowly and surely.  Plus, travelling the streets will increase your confidence and even get you noticed by.............BOYS.

    Money isn't the problem.    Your disappointment is a harder thing to grasp and maybe move on with some kind of plan other than "decide to commit suicide".  I've tried 3 times and whilst I believed it was the best choice at the time there is no way now that I would consider these actions valuable or even helpful.

    You know, I'm thinking............what about the stress of the HSC ?  Maybe you should see the school counselor and set up some support for 2 years time.  It's kind of weird that you have such a strong suicide ideation about dentistry as the dental profession itself has the highest rate of suicide.   Just saying.

    Adios, David.

    PS  One day you will meet "zz102" and put this all behind you.


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