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Forums / Grief and loss / Can you suffer PTSD after losing someone suddenly?

Topic: Can you suffer PTSD after losing someone suddenly?

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  1. Mollyandme
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    17 March 2016
    In 2011 my mum was killed in a hit and run whilst on holidays in Qld. She lived in the same town as me in Vic. My dad was up there too but wasn't riding with her that day. The shock was massive and my life just plummeted into a dark hole. I was basically crippled socially. I didn't want to see anyone for a very long time. I thought everyone was going to die so what was the point in having friends? Every time I drove my car, every vehicle I passed I would think "Is this the one that will veer into my lane and kill me?" I was always waiting to be hit and killed. I cried all the time and panicked if I was in any social situation. I had no social life for years because of it. It will be 5 years this Sept and I am only just starting to enjoy going to dinner with my friends instead of avoiding it. I was and am a single mother and my daughter pretty much had to fend for herself for much of the first year. There is nothing I can do about it now, but for my own knowledge, I am wondering if it is possible that the shock led to PTSD? I have never considered it until I heard someone speaking about it and thought, that sounds like I was until very recently...
  2. pipsy
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    17 March 2016 in reply to Mollyandme

    Hi Mollyandme.  Welcome to the forums.  Here's hoping we can be of some help.  I am so sorry for your tragic loss.  Have you discussed any of this with a Dr or psychologist?  PTSD affects anyone who's lives have been affected by something traumatic.  Be it someone close to us has died, or been through a bitter divorce, PTSD can hit all of us at any time.  Did the person responsible for the accident have to pay or go to court or anything.  If they basically 'got away with it', the trauma for you would be greater.  Did you have any grief counselling to help you get through those first few months after losing your mum?  After learning how she died, it's hardly surprising, every time you went out, every car seemed lethal.  I would venture to suggest the PTSD is starting to really affect you more because the initial shock of losing mum so tragically is starting to ease up a bit.  You're still in a state of shock, only not so much.  I would suggest you try talking to a grief counsellor or a psychologist.  A Dr could refer you to a psychologist, you may also need a mild sedative.  How is your dad coping? 

    Best of luck.  If you need us again, post here or ring our 24/7 helpline.  We also have counsellors available.

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