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Forums / Grief and loss / I’ve lost my best friend- my companion dog

Topic: I’ve lost my best friend- my companion dog

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  1. Imarni
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    13 posts
    13 May 2021
    Yesterday we had to put to sleep my best mate. He was my companion dog and he would nudge me when distressed. He was 11 large boy and not to well. There is a story behind his purchase and the breeder. It was quite amazing and so he had a very special bond for both of us. I knew it was coming but wanted him comfortable and planned at home. I left it too late. He had a turn possibly a stroke. So we had to rush to get him to a vet to be put to sleep. I feel so sad, so guilty and just like my purpose is gone. If I didn’t have a little cat who also senses my distress and comes and cuddles me I would not wish to continue. I feel just distraught. I know animal people will get it but I have some friends who don’t. I lost my other cat late last year and I’ve lost parents recently and to me this is far worse. My pets were everything. I do not have a strong bond to my children who are now adults. I am so anxious about the well-being of my little cat but I do have have this about my children and I think it upsets the kids. I know I won’t cope if anything happens to her.
  2. geoff
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    15586 posts
    14 May 2021 in reply to Imarni

    Hello Imarni, it's always so upsetting when we read comments like what you've told us because some of us have been in exactly the same position and know how devastating having to do this is just so heartbreaking.

    It leaves us with an enormous hole in our heart always wondering whether or not it could have been avoided, that's what we don't know but only wish it didn't need to be done, I only want to offer my commiserations and feel so deeply the pain this has left you with, and I say this because I had to do the same with my 18 year dog, who followed me everywhere I went but she had cancer.

    You are right other people may say they are so sorry for your loss but don't appreciate how much we loved our pets and expect us to naturally get on with our lives, it's not that easy because we come home and your dog is not there to come running towards you and expect an enormous pat, showing their utmost love and affection towards you.

    It does leave you with a feeling that love is missing, it's not the same as a person who loves you, it's different and only the owner knows what it feels like and no other dog can replace the one you've lost, each has their own personality and small idiosyncrasies that the owner only knows about.

    I feel so deeply for you and just so sorry this was to happen to you and you have my absolute sympathy.

    Please take care.


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  3. Fiatlux
    Fiatlux avatar
    20 posts
    14 May 2021 in reply to Imarni

    Hi Imarni, I am so sorry for your loss.

    I lost my 12 year old fur baby last October and I miss her so much. So I understand that grief.

    She loved me when I thought nobody else did.

    She gave me the confidence to get out of the house. Even during lockdown she was my motivation to get out for my hour of exercise.

    I am in two minds about getting another companion. I am too old for a puppy and would love to get a rescue dog. I think once winter is over, I will contact the RSPCA and just do it.

    As for your cat, my puss was 18 years old when he passed away. I have never replaced him.

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  4. pawsy
    pawsy avatar
    186 posts
    14 May 2021 in reply to Imarni
    Biggest hug for you. Losing a companion is heartbreaking. Your little cat sounds such a blessing. Cuddle her close. There are no easy words for this sort of hurt but I'm sending peace and comfort to you.
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