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Forums / Multicultural experiences / Need Help Taking the 1st Step

Topic: Need Help Taking the 1st Step

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  1. aldamro7
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    17 December 2019
    hi all hope youre in Oz on a visa and do not have health insurance or medicare. while ive had mental health issues my whole life, the past few years have gotten out of control. i rarely leave the house and have stopped talking to my family. i feel like a different person and im afraid its going to get worse and i wont be able to pull myself out.

    my current plan was to reach out to local GP's and ask for prices on consultations. but i guess ill have to let the secretary know its about mental health? ive been lucky to not have needed to go to doctors or hospital whilst im here but unlucky bc now i will have to tell a stranger about whats going on in my head. then he'll potentially say i need a psychiatrist and the circle starts again where i have to reach out and call for prices and retell the psychiatrist my issues. this is sooo intimidating. i dont even know if its anxiety/depression or psychosis/bipolar... what if im incorrectly diagnosed? or just sent away because these issues are just in my head...

    i want to feel normal again and be, not even happy, just content for once. howd your first visit go? anything i can prepare for? how do i know what to tell the dr and what is tmi ..

    any help is greatly, greatly appreciated <3 sorry for any typos and all my run on sentences sorry="" for="" any="" typos="" and="" all="" my="" run="" on="">
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  2. Croix
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    17 December 2019 in reply to aldamro7

    Dear aldamro7~

    Welcome here to the Forum. It is a horrible situation to be in, needing treatment, but without the help of Medicare.

    While I guess you are quite right in thinking you will have to contact local doctors to obtain prices, and probably ask for a long consultation, do you have to do this alone? Is there a member of the family that can help you make the calls?

    If it is a medical center it would be a good idea to ask for any GP that specializes or has an interest in Mental Health problems. Maybe that way you will get the best available treatment and a more expensive alternative such as a psychiatrist may not be needed, or at leat not so often.

    One thing you can try is to contact a migrant center, if there is one in your area, they may have suggestions at to who to go see.

    When you do find a doctor it can be pretty hard to explain everything face to face. I've got round this by writing things down beforehand in point form -a half page or perhaps a little more. I wrote about how I felt, waht my life was like, what was wrong. Then you only need to answer questions, not explain from the start. I've found it a lot easier, and the doctor has appreciated it too, having a list to work from.

    The other advantage is you can take you time, and get everything down right before you start.

    There will always be a temptation to do nothing, it is not as overwhelming/frightening/worrying at the start, however putting things off rarely helps. That was a mistake I made, and it simply made matter worse. Worse becsue I was not being treated, and when I finally did go to the doctor then it was that much harder to treat.

    I would like it if you came back and said if you thought these suggestions practical


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