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Forums / Multicultural experiences / Turn your radio off!

Topic: Turn your radio off!

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  1. Donte'
    Multicultural Correspondent
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    3 January 2018
    If you are like me, overwhelmed and emotional about all the tragedies, afflictions, devastation and disasters that we are constantly fed through radio, newspapers, tv and social media you might want to consider switching the world off! Of course there are billions of terrible things taking place as we speak and that’s unfortunate but living in a constant state of fear, sadness and helplessness, which is often what the media aims to achieve with oversensationalism and focusing on certain events and portraying them in such a way as to create emotional reactions, may be very harmful for one’s mental health and levels of stress. As if it’s not bad enough driving through morning traffic to get to work or take your children to school etc. do we have to worry also about a mudslide on the other side of the world, the extinction of rare species, a volcano about to erupt, a plane crash on another continent, a war that’s been raging somewhere, the ice melting in Antarctica, economy collapsing and possible meteor hitting the earth in 45 years from now? You get me? I don’t mean to sound selfish or careless to the state of the world around me but one has to draw a line in order to preserve whatever mental health remains before we make it to morning coffee! Breathe! Take it slow! Feel the air! Smell the rain! Just take some time each morning to switch off the world, each day, whenever it gets too much. These things won’t stop from happening. We can find out about it tomorrow. It won’t chsnge anything. Switch off. The world can wait. There are billions of amazing acts of love, kindness and care that take place each moment but I don’t see them or hear them getting broadcasted every minute of the day, repeatedly with graphic pictures and illustrations! Maybe I’ll create my own channel. Maybe I’ll broadcast my own news! Meanwhile, switch off everything and breathe. The world is still here and so are you!
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