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Topic: Angry or something else

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  1. Nature’s calling 24
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    7 December 2020
    When I little my family and me moved up north Byron I can’t remember where exactly old man left me at the hotel they getting food mid day so I went for a walk I but I got restless I got lost for hours didn’t no where I was found what looked like my dad same cap shirt sunglasses but it wasn’t walking down this alley he tried to grab me but I ran and ran I forgot it but remember it after a join a few years back I haven’t been able to get those hands out of my mind I’ve been doing fitness gym mma but I feel so hopeless because of that and what happened in school it’s so messed up my folks think I’m gay because they never seen my with a girl that I’ve just stopped feeling all is now anger sad and sleepy lost everything no friends dreams just became a zombie every time I sleep i c blood or something horrible that’s why I don’t sleep until I pass out I wanted to vent thanks it’s been a bad day
  2. geoff
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    7 December 2020 in reply to Nature’s calling 24

    Hello Nature's calling, this experience would be a horrible memory and unless your parents know, it's not suitable for them to say what you've told us but to direct them towards why, perhaps they need to be told, either by yourself or with your doctor.

    Anger can develop so don't blame yourself but this needs to be discussed with a psychologist, which you can do on a 'mental health plan', which allows you to have 10 Medicare paid sessions.

    If you are 25 years old or younger you are able to ring Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 or talk with them via webchat or online ass other sites are also available.

    Are you able to tell your parents, this solely depends on the relationship and trust you have with them, and would really like to know.

    Take care.


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