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Topic: Lost

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. Alone1973
    Alone1973 avatar
    2 posts
    20 July 2020

    I lost my mother, father and brother all within the last 5 years and I just feel all alone and really lost as if I don’t fit in anywhere.

    I feel depressed and I just miss them all so much, I just want to be happy again and enjoy life the way I used to. I didn’t deal with it very well and I shut it all out and now I need to deal with it to move on.

    not sure what to do or where to go and I find it hard to talk about it, I can’t talk about it and I feel no one understands how I am feeling and what goes through my head every day.

  2. Tay100
    Champion Alumni
    • Community champion volunteers who are not currently active on the forums.
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Tay100 avatar
    647 posts
    20 July 2020 in reply to Alone1973

    Hi Alone1973

    I'm so sorry to hear about the losses of your family- that must be so incredibly challenging for you even at the best of times. However, please know that you aren't alone- grief is a reality many face- and the feelings you have are totally valid.

    It's good that you have posted here- it's a great way to productively move on, move forward, and look after your mental health. The forums can provide you with support, advice and solidarity from a community that is different- this community involves people going through very similar things to you. So they have insight and knowledge that can guide you.

    Alongside this, professional help may benefit you, especially if you are struggling to express how you feel, as you say. Have you seeked any help in the past?

    You can use this thread to elaborate, if you wish- we are here to listen and create a dialogue that helps many people like you reach their goals of grieving in a healthy way, even after some time has passed.

    Sending kindness,


  3. Blake_S
    Student Mentor
    • Masters of Psychology student on placement
    Blake_S avatar
    37 posts
    22 July 2020 in reply to Alone1973
    Hi there Alone1973,

    I wanted to follow on from Tay100 post and say that I am too, so sorry for the losses of your family in such a short time frame. I am also sorry to hear that their passings have contributed to you feeling alone and lost, it's immeasurably hard to process grief and then have to navigate a new world without your loved ones. I recently lost a family member too, and it's turned my world upside down, so to an extent, I can empathise with your pain, and maybe understand a little bit about what you're going through.

    I can see you've mentioned that you find it hard to talk about everything, how did you feel writing your post? I want to commend you on having the courage and strength to post - it is not an easy step to post and I'm so proud that you have. As Tay100 said, maybe this thread could a place to start talking a little bit more about what's going on for you? Only if you feel comfortable.

    I hope you find some comfort on these forums, we are all here for you and will support you throughout this challenging and distressing time. We hope to hear back from you.

    Blake_S :)
  4. James V
    James V avatar
    2 posts
    22 July 2020 in reply to Alone1973
    Hi Alone1973

    What you have described is exactly what I have gone though all within the last 5 years also. No one understood what I went through either and no body helped. So I ended up going though it all alone, but I did make it out the other side.

    I don't like telling people what to do, but if you need someone to talk to, someone who understands instead of just trying to make you feel better or be polite, then I'll listen.

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