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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / My story

Topic: My story

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  1. squishy mochi
    squishy mochi  avatar
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    8 September 2020

    I’ve been feeling so depressed, stressed and so done with everything in school, life and everything seems to make me irritated so easily.

    This is my story;

    I have got kicked out of my mums home and right after I left, her friends came and assaulted my boyfriend. He was picking me up to go home. It was so traumatic. It was also at night time so we couldn’t see clearly who it was. I felt like I was going to die that night. Luckily a car came and they ran off. The person stopped and just asked if we were okay then drove off.

    Me and my boyfriend were trying to find a place to hide to give time for the police or ambulance to come but they took so long. We had to Uber to the police and ambulance.

    I have moved 4 times ever since I left my mums house. She was verbally abusive to me. Saying things like “I wished I didn’t give birth to you” “you’re the worst daughter I’ve ever had”. She was also physically abusive. My mums boyfriends friend tried to kiss me and my mum found out but I got in trouble for it. She was violent and yelled at me. Then she let him come over again after a month only.

    her boyfriend used to call me abusive names all the time and she wouldn’t say anything to help me.

    my mum tried to force me to quit my own job and would often threaten me if I don’t “behave” she would stop letting me go to school and work completely. I’m in year 11 doing VCE.

    My grandparents, uncles or aunties wouldn’t help me stay with them. I ended up staying with my boyfriend’s family friend.

    my uncle recently called me a brat and said “what is wrong with you?” When all I did was send food as a gift to my mums house.

    I hate feeling that I was the cause of everything and that I still miss home. I want it to stop.

    I feel so unheard. I told a friend about my life story and she kept on saying “don’t be like that” “don’t be sad” “I want the happy (name) back” “tbh I think you need to suck it up” “you don’t need a psychologist, you have your friends. They’re a waste of money” “stop being like that”. She said that to me when I had the courage to speak with my voice through a call without crying for the first time. Eventually I did cry afterwards.

    Everytime I think about my mum or talk about her I would shake.

    I try explaining and talk to my boyfriend but when I do, he oversees it and just says “what do you mean” or “tell me what’s wrong”. I did tell him but he asks

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  2. Sophie_M
    Community Moderator
    • Works for beyondblue moderating these forums
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    8 September 2020 in reply to squishy mochi
    Hi squishy mochi,

    Welcome to our friendly online community. We are so sorry to hear that you have had such a long and difficult journey. We understand it must have been so distressing to live with abuse. It must also be difficult to be living out of home at such a young age. We think you are so strong! Please know that there is support available to you.

    You are always welcome to get in touch with Kids Help Line. They are a confidential and anonymous, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged 25 and under. 

    You could also get in touch with 1800RESPECT. They offer confidential information, counselling and support 24/7 for people impacted by sexual assault, domestic or family violence and abuse.  You can contact them on 1800 737 732 or 

    We know it has taken courage for you to share your story today, so thank you. We hope that you can find some comfort in the forums and please feel free to keep us updated here on your thread throughout your journey. 

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