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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / Nasty people and unsupportive partner

Topic: Nasty people and unsupportive partner

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  1. Mossliy
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    15 November 2021
    I have lived in a nice little area for the last few years with my young children. Lately neighbouring properties have been turned into moto X tracks (I am not against the bikes) I am being targeted as soon as my partner goes away for work. Kids riding motorbikes,constant loud revving, starting at 7am and not finishing until 6pm on the weekends.(only supposed to be a 2hour limit for dirtbikes in the area) I have already spoken to one of the parents asking them to not rev excessively near my house with a response of I don't care attitude. I have gotten used to the noise however my young kids wanted to go and play outside but were unable to due to the terrible dust created. I had to ask my kids to stay inside due to one of them having a chronic health issue. I felt unsafe to ask them to stop riding near my house. I called my partner who basically told me to"get over it" Now I just want to take my kids and leave as I can't stand living here and don't want to be with someone who can't help stand up for me . The only trouble is that having a chronicly ill child makes it hard to do that. I just needed to vent as theres no other help available to me
  2. HappyHelper88
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    15 November 2021 in reply to Mossliy

    Hello Mossliy Thankyou for posting and welcome,

    That must be horrible to experience and I'm so sorry your going through this
    I definitely understand why you want your kids to stay inside and why you feel unsafe
    Also your partners response was not adequate at all!

    I understand moving may be hard but it sounds like a good option to consider if things don't get better as keeping kids inside all the time is also not good long term.
    Thank You for venting there is also support here for you whenever you need I also think you should talk about what your going through with someone

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