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Forums / PTSD & Trauma / Online/Zoom support groups or buddies?

Topic: Online/Zoom support groups or buddies?

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  1. Guest_09801
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    9 posts
    11 September 2020

    Hi all,

    I am seeing a mental health nurse but have run out of "free" appointments, so only going every third week, which is the most my budget can stretch to.

    Am also very isolated (live in Vic), without a social network and my family live abroad - I was wondering if anyone knows of any (childhood) trauma support groups online - like via Zoom? (Am aware there's chats and places to phone, I would just personally prefer a support group).

  2. smallwolf
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    6186 posts
    11 September 2020 in reply to Guest_09801


    I do not know of many places that offer the services you are looking for but I am sure they exist. With everything that has happened I do know of other support groups that moved online and some are looking that going hybrid - in person and virtually.

    If you do use want to use something like zoom you could search for

    (childhood) trauma support groups online zoom

    and then check out the results. Alternatively you could also you mental health nurse about local support groups and then could try to contact them and see what they are doing at the moment.

    Hope that helps,


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  3. Catie 08
    Catie 08 avatar
    451 posts
    13 September 2020 in reply to Guest_09801
    Hi Delirium,

    I too have been searching for local support groups for childhood trauma. There doesn't seam to be anything but I'm keen to see if anyone can suggest something.

    I have been here on the forums for about 5 months and have found them incredibly helpful. Everyone is super supportive and I know I would be lost without it.

    Happy to chat with you here if you like 😊

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  4. Guest_09801
    Guest_09801 avatar
    9 posts
    22 September 2020 in reply to Catie 08

    Hi again,

    My apologies for not responding earlier - I hadn't realized there were responses.

    I am assuming you can't chat between members here? But would really appreciate it in any form, so thank you very much : )

    I did find ArcVic which has zoom groups and a "women's trauma" (I would assume it's not obligatory to identify as a woman (?), just if anyone's interested) one on the 7th - I tried a general anxiety one (not a diagnosis but just to chat to people) last week but didn't find it very helpful for me personally, I don't find mindfulness exercises for example helps me, my best form of therapy seems to be just talking.

    I'm really struggling at the moment because I can't afford to see my mental health nurse more than every third week (used to be weekly) and she was the only person I had to talk openly to...I have one other close person and one family member that I'm close to but that also means for me I don't like to "burden" them so effectively even when we do talk, I'm kind of not...if that makes sense? It would actually be more helpful in a way to talk to strangers, cos I wouldn't worry about how they take things..and also honestly sometimes with trauma I think I just feel like a bit of an alien cos people can't relate or have a very specific definition of what they think of as trauma.

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  5. krezel
    krezel avatar
    3 posts
    23 January 2021 in reply to Guest_09801

    Hi Guest, Relationships australia websight have family violence trauma support groups via zoom online, if your interested for women, if that might help.

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