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Topic: Regret

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  1. 13@leanne
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    17 July 2020
    Earlier this month, my niece was hit head on in a motor vehicle incident whilst walking home. My brother seems to believe she did it deliberately but i know its just not the case. She has serious head injuries and i know its a long road to recovery for her but my heart is filled with so much sadness for all of them. There was signs there was trouble at home but i didnt believe it could be this serious. My niece asked me if she could stay with us, and i said yes, just not thinking much of it. She said i wouldn't be able to look after her and her sister. I said i would do everything i could. Now that this has happened i should have done something. She is just a little kid. She shouldnt suffer like this. I want to fix this for her and i want her to be the way she was but no it will be not the same for her
  2. smallwolf
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    18 July 2020 in reply to 13@leanne

    Hi and welcome to beyond blue.

    So sad to hear what happened to your niece. I cannot imagine the impact this would be having on you.

    I certainly don't anything about the family situation, except that speculation and what if type or looking for answers is normal.

    Can I ask you a question - you said that you should have done something. Was this to prevent the accident? Or something else. What could you have done?

    Please do not think the questions I ask need to be answered here.

    You are a very caring person. Be kind to yourself - blaming ourselves is ...

    Peace and comforting thoughts to you (and your niece)


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