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Forums / Re-designing and upgrading the Online Forums / Forums changes - updates thread!

Topic: Forums changes - updates thread!

  1. Guest9337
    Guest9337 avatar
    1002 posts
    10 September 2021 in reply to ProjectTeam
    Thanks ProjectTeam members. love dng.
  2. mmMekitty
    mmMekitty avatar
    480 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to ProjectTeam

    Hello, Project Team,

    Since joining, I am gradually getting around how to find (that's hard(, and post, (don't enjoy the limit of characters but understand why have a limit in the first place. You will teach me how to be more economical when writing).

    Is there information for people who are using adaptive technology to help them if they have problems navagating or interacting with your website? Personally, my memory for what to do is at fault. Other people may be new to it and need some explicit instructions. I know this is a lot to ask, because this would need to be reviewed and updated as the technology marches on.

    I'm not finding how to navagate to your font options via my keyboard, but I can use Ctrl+b/i. I don't care for number or bullet lists. I'd copy and paste from word if I did.

    I don't mind emojis because my software can usually identify what they are - sometimes not quite accurately, I have discovered, but maybe that will improve, given more time and effort.

    However, I am not hearing any embedded alternate text for images which would briefly describe what it is, for example, if I could include one for my avatar, I would write:

    Head and forelimbs of a ginger and white cat on a maroon bedspread, with 'Mekitty' written in green.

    I could say that because I know she was on my bedspread when I had taken the original photo. I have tried to use a Microsoft tool in Word documents to include text descriptions which text-to-speech readers are supposed to read when anyone using such adaptive technology encounters the images inscluded in Word documents. But it didn't work! I don't know what I did wrong. It is just really annoying to hear 'image' or as on this site, when encountering an avatar, I hear it is so-&-so's avatar. I can't visually interpret much of what I see, and less as time goes by.

    I am interested in what avatars people are using.

    I too would like to edit after posting, if only to correct spelling errors! I do try to check what I am about to post, but still some get past the editor! Of-course I do better when I am not v tired.

    As much as I might enjoy the idea of including pictures or audio/video, I think that might make getting around more complicated. I would like 'fancy features' to be optional.

    what is this 'symbol 2 0 0 b' my text-to speech reader keeps announcing at the end of my text when I am writing a post? I think I have removed it, sometimes, but notice nothing different when I do. It seems to do no harm, so just curious.


  3. mmMekitty
    mmMekitty avatar
    480 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to ProjectTeam

    + I had a post not posted, and received an email explaining I had tried to post it into a 'pinned thread specifically for BB champions.' My text-to-speech reader found the badge of what looks to me like a two-toned dark grey push pin, (on my dark background it is hard to spot), and announced it as a 'sticky' thread.

    I thought this meant that such Threads so marked would never disappear from near the top of the list and Only the newly created Threads might appear above.

    It didn't say it was a restricted thread. Some I note have a lock - that would indicate it is blocked for some reason?

    Perhaps adding words like 'for BB Champions chat'?

    Maybe a separate Topic section for the restricted Threads.

    I wondered if those participating in those restricted Threads really want me to be in effect, 'lurking' on them. I think, if you are going to restrict posting to any particular Thread, then. don't let me read them either. I am not sure I want to even know they exist.

    I don't like auto-generated emails, form-filling, those Capture things, (which I was glad you don't have), not even when there is an audio option.

    If voice posts were available, I would actually suggest a choice of synthetic voices, to guard against people being identified just as surely as an actual photo of self being used for an avatar. High quality voices preferred. Keep both text and voice available for users to decide as they want. Some people comprehend better when reading, some when listening. Some are more comfortable with written language, some with speaking, or even making pictures to express themselves. One method might be just the beginning, and other means of expression might come later.

    I don't want any media to be unavailable or inaccessible. For very basic things, I can still use my old Paint programme - unsure for how much longer.

    The option to upload images which could be security scanned.

    You would have to consider how much more work might need to be done ensuring people respected the site guidelines, conditions of use and the law. Lot of work just keeping an eye on what's coming in, now!

    If I could find a software programme I could easily use to make music on, I would have that too!

    *sigh* but one can dream ... can't upload those either... mmMekitty

  4. mmMekitty
    mmMekitty avatar
    480 posts
    18 September 2021 in reply to ProjectTeam

    Doh! I have run into another little problem. I thought I might check out the Donation procedure.

    On my dark background with pale font, I could not see if a radio button was actuallyselected or not. I get confused with how my text-to-xpeech announces these.things. The Check boxes tick lights up well. That's okay for now, because I still have some sight, and can zoom in v big if needed.

    It did say to fill in all required fields, which are commonly marked with a '*' . I did nt find any, so I thought I would select an option for my donation, and well, because I don't want to name my donation in celebration, support or memory of a specific individual, but would rather generally celebrate, support someone, everyone, or not name the one I want whose memory I want to honour, I could not proceed. It was 'requiring' first and last names to be provided, whether or not I wanted to 'send a letter ...'.

    I am not happy with that. I like to see what the full procedure, you know, how payments are made, other information you ask, if you keep all these details I give even if I have selected to make a one-off donation. There was not even a little note about how the letter to family.friends would be sent, what it would say, (or maybe, if I had checked that box, I would have discovered I was to write it?)

    I have been thinking, I want my donation to specifically support the upgrade, the Project Team's work...


  5. geoff
    Life Member
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    geoff avatar
    15113 posts
    19 September 2021 in reply to ProjectTeam

    Hello ProjectTeam, it's always good to get you to reply, my query is, and first of all, is I really appreciate everyone who participates on the forum, that's how this site has been able to keep going as well as why it continually is growing in size every month, it's a much needed place where people can express themselves without any fear of any criticism.

    My best thoughts.


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  6. Sleepy21
    Valued Contributor
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    Sleepy21 avatar
    4104 posts
    20 September 2021
    I agree
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  7. geoff
    Life Member
    • Life membership is awarded by beyondblue for providing outstanding peer support to the online community over a period of 3+ years.
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    geoff avatar
    15113 posts
    20 September 2021 in reply to mmMekitty

    Hello mmMekitty, I've just looked at the donations page and your best way for these questions to be answered is by clicking 'Get in touch' and then press 'Let us know'.

    I used to donate a while ago but only stopped because I needed to get a new laptop, and any donations would go into a fund that supports all the work involved in Beyond Blue, so it would probably be supporting the new Project, as money is distributed accordingly.


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