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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / Help, Christian but gay....

Topic: Help, Christian but gay....

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  1. 108
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    20 February 2018

    Hello everyone,

    So I'm 17 years old, Christian but gay.....I've rejected this for a very long time because I guess I knew the collision with my religion would cause alot of issues. I finally confronted my sexuality early last year, and haven't told anyone for a few reasons, 1) My family is also Christian so I don't know how they will react, and I know there viewpoint about it 2) I take Christianity seriously so I've found it hard in general.

    I became depressed and my life started to fall apart in a downward spiral, and I found it hard to do the basic things, and I was becoming more sad as time progressed. I had alot of fear and have been worried many times, it even affecting my daily life. I've lied about my sexuality many times as the fear was just too great. I've tried to "fix" myself, through praying etc but I still find myself the same.

    Thanks for reading this.

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  2. smallwolf
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    20 February 2018 in reply to 108


    You say Christian, but don't mention denomination. Somewhat important? In the Anglican church, this issue has raised at synod, in relation to the recent gay marriage debate.suffice to say there were people in both camps and the debate going nowhere. Until a person stood up and said "what do I tell my gay cousin why he can't be married? Doesn't God love him also"

    There was silence.

    There are quite a few Christians that accept gay people in their congregation. Similarly transgender.

    There was also a group on FB who support gay people and gay marriage. You are deserving of God's love as anyone else. Is it possible for you to be both gay and Christian?

    And if it helps... I am a Anglican, LA, and theological student studying BTh.

    As for how your parents might react. .. that I don't know.

    In discernment, applicants are told the message of the Bible is a story of coming home, of security in community. God wants his people to look after the poor, widows, and orphans. Basically those on the outside of community. In this age, gay people could easily be included. Between the time of Jesus and now, the message got lost in translation.

    I would hope that your parents would follow Jesus' example and still love you for who you are.

  3. Just Sara
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    20 February 2018 in reply to 108

    Hi and welcome to our caring BB forum community 108;

    My heart goes out to you hun. It must've taken you heaps of courage to reach out as you have. So well done! What you're facing is probably one the most significant and complex decisions of your whole life. Internal conflict can be a catalyst for MH issues if not addressed. So I'd like to challenge your beliefs a little as I see your future in turmoil without it.

    I'm wondering if you consider yourself a man, or christian first. Being male is intrinsic and not disputable right? Christianity is a way of life, not at all intrinsic; it's a choice. Free will is just that..

    Your physical make-up started with the first spark of electricity to split your mum's ova. Do you realise you were female then? Well, you were. All fetuses are female until chromosomes do their thing in the womb a while later. It seems Eve came before Adam!

    How can I prove this? By asking; 'Why do you have nipples? They don't serve any purpose for a man, so why are they there?'

    I'm now formally a heathen for saying that right?

    Christianity's only 2000 yrs old, whereas nature's time immortal. Creation vs evolution has been around as a prime argument since modern man asked, "Why are we here?"

    Therefore, are you a natural phenomenon, or an anomaly because one phrase in the bible says so? Christian society has a lot to answer for when it comes to young people accepting their minds and bodies are natural and explainable by science.

    I feel you need to ponder this issue from an individual perspective; as one human man first before considering hurting people you love and admire, or moreso, yourself.

    You're contemplating living your life as a lie. Please think about the consequences of your actions.

    I'd really like to hear from you ok. I know my post is generalised, but I wanted to help you explore your own humanness instead of as a metaphorical child of God.



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