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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / How do I see a gender therapist?

Topic: How do I see a gender therapist?

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  1. Scottish-Parrot Jaimie
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    16 posts
    3 September 2020

    Hey ya'll!

    I've found myself experiencing some intense gender confusion lately. Its always been quite present, and about six years ago I allowed myself to experiment a bit with it but due to a combination of bad experiences, feelings of fear regarding my family and friend relationships, genuinely looking at myself and feeling doubt that I could ever be seen how I want to be seen and just general confusion about whether or not I was trans lead to me basically repressing these feelings and just avoid thinking about it too much. Recently though, now about to turn 27, I've had these feelings come back and hit me hard. I'm not sure what triggered this (if it even was a single thing) but I've been doing a lot of research and through this I've learned that I should probably speak to a gender therapist. How do I find one of these? Do I need a GP referral? Will it cost money without a referral? Will it cost money regardless? Does all this depend on where I live? (its the Canberra region just fyi)

    I do already speak to a psychologist (yes, to anyone who read my first ever post on here, this is the one I have a massive crush on) and I've brought this up with her. She was helpful, thoughtful and respectful and the main take away from our discussion was that its never too late to transition (I was worried I was getting too old), that I should take my time, and that experimenting with my gender identity and expression whenever its safe to do so is always a good idea. I certainly find that helpful and I imagine by continuing to speak to her about this (along with my myriad of other issues) will continue to be helpful, however I know that what she can offer me with this particular thing is limited and that I will benefit from speaking specifically to a gender therapist, especially if hormones and surgeries are things I'm going to need access to if and when I've figured out they're right for me.

    Anyway, if anyone can answer my questions or offer me any other words of wisdom, it would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

  2. Tay100
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    647 posts
    4 September 2020 in reply to Scottish-Parrot Jaimie

    Hiya Scottish-Parrot Jaimie

    I'm glad you have gotten so much out of the forums, that's great to hear. It's good to see that your current psychologist is supportive and gave you the clarifying information you need around transition regarding your age and that she will continue to support you with all your other challenges.

    I think the best resource, in this case, is the psychologist herself- I think she could tell you if you need a GP referral or if she can give you one herself- what kind of gender therapist is right for you- and whether you could health insurance or medicare cover. I'd imagine you'd get some sort of cover, at least, if it comes under your mental health care plan if you have one- but do double-check with her. Also, I think a referral is best because it means that you can not only find the right service but the right service for you specifically, recommended to you by a professional (the GP or psychologist), who know your needs. I think seeking a gender therapist or even another specialist like an endocrinologist can't hurt, especially when it comes transitioning medically with hormones and operations, as you say.

    Hopefully, that helps or provides a small piece of clarity!

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