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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / I don't know how I feel anymore

Topic: I don't know how I feel anymore

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  1. ~Sammmy~
    ~Sammmy~ avatar
    1 posts
    18 February 2021

    I know that I'm pan, but I don't really know what my gender is anymore.
    I was confident that I was non-binary these past few weeks. I've had a three day long gender crisis before, but now I think it's happening again.
    The boys in my class really aren't helping either. They keep commenting on how there's only two genders and that being non-binary doesn't make sense, because they and them are plurals, making me think about this some more. It's making me feel so pressured to be either a girl or a boy, but I don't feel like either.
    Is anyone able to give me some advice?

  2. Jo8049
    Jo8049 avatar
    691 posts
    18 February 2021 in reply to ~Sammmy~

    Welcome to the forums Sammmy .

    Non Binary is quite broad . I understand feeling not male or female . lived that for many years before discovering the gender spectrum .

    " The gender code " on you tube . Search for Luka its on her channel . 1 hour 57 minutes . This might help put things into a perspective that you can use . There are quite a few others there .

    Be true to yourself , and relax . You may find label not that important to . Enjoy who you are .

    Peace & love , Jo W

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