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Forums / Sexuality and gender identity / I hate being trans

Topic: I hate being trans

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  1. CIKMS
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    6 June 2018

    Is it just me or is this normal.

    For days I had dreams of judgement from everyone I know and it sucks. My mom thought that if I took testosterone shot it’ll stop making me trans.

    I want acceptance from my mother, I need it to move on. But she’s super lgbtphobic. I just can’t do this anymore. KMP.

  2. james1
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    2950 posts
    6 June 2018 in reply to CIKMS

    Hi CIKMS,

    It is absolutely normal to feel so hurt and to hate parts of yourself when others are also not accepting. I identify as a heterosexual but I have many friends who do not and, when they face rejection of their sexual identity on a daily basis, it really hurts them.

    Unfortunately, it can be very hard to change someone's views on sexuality. These are often quite ingrained. Instead, it can be easier to first find people who are supportive of you and work from there. Do you have any other friends or family who can be supportive of you?

    Also, I would suggest having a look at the contacts and resources detailed on this page:


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  3. Raynor
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    101 posts
    6 June 2018 in reply to CIKMS

    hi CIKMS,

    I'm FTM.

    Dysphoria sucks and peoples' misunderstanding does too.

    There are supports though, depending on where you live, often really good closeknit trans communities that are just so helpful. And of course medical stuff to help your dysphoria if you want that.


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