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Forums / Staying well / Act of kindness, care and compassion for the others for the day

Topic: Act of kindness, care and compassion for the others for the day

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  1. EfG2021
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    25 August 2021

    Hello all,

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but i will give it a go.

    I thought some time ago about pushing myself to, at least, one act for which I feel kindness, care and compassion. I have been feeling better everytime I do something and would like to share it, not for bragging about how good or mediocre I am, but because it makes me feel good and proud and that makes me move on.

    Anyway, open for your stories, this one is mine from yesterday at the supermarket: there was a lady yelling at the teller because some issue (didn't care too much for the issue itself) but it was really aggresive. I don't know why, but i just approached (this is in the self service area) and step in between both of them and ask the teller to calm and step back, then I turned around and just, with my hand and with no words, ask the lady to calm down (all in gestures).

    I don't even know what was driving me, but the lady just calmed and said thank you to made my day and still don't know why was I doing it.

    thank you for reading it, by writing I am feeling better and calm today and looking forward for my next opportunity to show some kindess to the universe.

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  2. james1
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    25 August 2021 in reply to EfG2021

    Hello EfG2021,

    What a nice post, and good on you for helping to calm things down. Sometimes, especially with all the stress hanging around us right now, people can get a little bit aggravated.

    I don't really have much to add because I've just spent my whole day at home, but I did just want to pop by and say thank you!


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