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Forums / Staying well / Covid19 - the positive side

Topic: Covid19 - the positive side

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    3 June 2021

    Can I mention "the comfort zone"?

    In no way do I want to down play the hurt and suffering that some of us is experiencing during this ongoing lockdown in Victoria, Melbourne now and upheaval around the globe.

    What I'd like to highlight here in this thread is the underlying positives of the pandemic and the changes to us that has been forced upon us.

    Let's go back to the 20th century. If you lived the whole century you would have experienced a pandemic, around 1933. Several flus like the Spanish flu that was very serious. Then of course there was WW1,WW2, Korean war, Vietnam war and wars in the middle east. Droughts, bush fires and one scar that etched itself forever in those that lived through it- the Great Depression. Life without food!

    In comparison the current pandemic has some modern assistance to make us feel not so alone... social media, forums, the smart telephone, skype, facetime and so on. Not to mention supermarket purchases unaffected.

    However, if one jailed prisoner has a TV, wifi, computer games etc and another has no such comforts, they are both jailed, they are both robbed of their freedom. Likewise even though we have our comforts we are still in lockdown or under threat. That makes it hard for many people.

    I knew an old man that said to me "the only good thing about wars is that they wake society up from where it sleeps". Meaning we get so comfortable we dont ever think a wake up call will come like the pandemic or a war. Therein lies the positive- that we are "woken up" and we'll tell our children or grand children one day about this pandemic like my father told me about the Great Depression. There is an argument that only when we struggle (financially, isolation, restrictions, lack of work etc ) do we then appreciate what we have and how wonderful life is when we recover.

    That is like those two prisoners- both will appreciate freedom when it comes around. Freedom is similar- you only really appreciate it until you are imprisoned and its taken away. You only appreciate life pandemic free when we all conquer Covid19.

    With full immunisation eminent we WILL overcome this disease and hold within us an appreciation of what life we have without facemasks and travel restrictions.

    That's the positive. Hold onto that. We will be stronger and more appreciative.

    Can you think positive about our challenges what ever they be?


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