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Forums / Staying well / Divert Your Attention; re-ignite your passions

Topic: Divert Your Attention; re-ignite your passions

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  1. Jacko777
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    27 May 2015

    Hi Folks,

    We have probably all heard that we can divert our attention to help ease our suffering with depression and anxiety. So divert your thinking to what? I have found that diverting my attention to say, doing the dishes, doesn't really cut it. What I find far more interesting and absorbing are the things I am passionate about.

    So I have been through a process of finding a strong understanding about my passions, essentially the things in life that I care about the most. There are some obvious ones that a lot of us share; family, home, career. Then there are the interests and pastimes that can be investigated.

    What would I do with my time if money was not an issue? What things make me happy, what do I care about, what makes me frustrated or angry? Your list could be short or long. I care a lot about Nature, I want to conserve and protect our environment. I love music, I am crap on guitar and drums but I love it. And I care about people, I feel sadness when others are hurting, I want to help people to find greater peace and happiness cause I know it is possible.

    So my passions as listed are where I want to divert my attention to, anywhere in there will bring me happiness or at least satisfaction. This is hopefully a constantly changing thing, I try to make goals in each area and plans to reach those goals, working it back to what I can do today. So for example, today's list could look like this;

    Family; I need to spend more time with my partner, so I can focus my attention for a little while on how this can be achieved, I need to keep in touch with family interstate, I could make a call today, I need some quality time with my son this week, i shall keep Saturday morning free for a bike ride.

    Nature; I feel highly rewarded when I give my time to conserve the planet, so today I can answer an email about a possible event coming up...keep the ball rolling.

    Home; Laundry tap! I've put it off for 7 years, it will take 90 minutes to fix. I will sit back for a moment and be thankful for the beautiful place where I live, feel satisfied for the work I have already done.

    People; I will get on Beyond Blue, just in case I can help someone. I will send my mate a text and organise a jam.

    So if I can get a bit done each day in my key areas I will have diverted my attention but also I will have satisfaction knowing that I have kept my passions alight, the things that are most important to me. I try not to over-think activities, action cures fear.


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  2. white knight
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    9778 posts
    27 May 2015 in reply to Jacko777

    Hi Jacko

    Thankyou for your post.

    The balancing act between depression and being well can be tipped by stimulation I think. Riding my motorcycle is the only activity when my mind doesnt wander towards my problems and how to solve them. For some gardening might be it.

    Being creative is good to. I'm no painter but my daughters painting are amazing so I try to paint one that she loves. A real challenge.

    Animals help to. I never would have thought my 3yo mini foxy terrier would give me such joy.

    Cheers.  Tony WK

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  3. Narniakid
    Valued Contributor
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    348 posts
    11 June 2015 in reply to Jacko777

    I try to push myself into trying new creative outlets, for example, lately I've been really getting into small DIY projects I find on Pinterest, and I'm also a hobbyist pencil artist, and I enter my work into local exhibitions.

    Other activities I also find calming include sewing, sweeping, charity work (such as Salvos Door Knock Appeal, Clean Up Australia Day, Relay For Life & Plant A Tree Day) and playing video games like Animal Crossing and The Sims. All of these things give me a chance to express myself creatively, and I also feel a sense of accomplishment.

    I think that's extremely important in recovery and staying well - feeling like you've achieved things, physically and mentally. 

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