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Topic: Helpful apps

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  1. Guest_2350
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    588 posts
    14 August 2015

    Hello All,

    in this new era of mobile phones, are there any great apps that you know and use when you get sad, have an anxiety attack, pick yourself up, or you just want to monitor your daily progress / journal? I travel heaps and it is good to have something that is always with me.

    I have a couple of meditation apps that I use: "isleep Easy" which has "falling asleep" and "waking during the night" meditations. There is another one called "At Ease" that I am trying to use for meditation when anxiety hits (have not used it much yet).There is also a "walking meditation" from the same programmer. I also use "Smiling mind" but more when I am having a good day - I like eating my chocolate with the eating meditation, but I struggle with any of the feelings, thoughts or emotions meditations.

    I have made a movie with photos of people I love and music that is soothing - have not tried that yet - to help me in a dark hour (I keep forgetting that i have it).

    I also have a photo food journal to remind me to prepare nice and healthy meals - this really motivates me to eat.

    On youtube I play motivational videos, some of my favourites used to be "Unbroken" and "Why do we fall" - though I have to say, that this is less relevant for my current journey.  I loved these when I was working on fitness goals, but I get strength out of them for my current journey as well.

    Would be great to hear about your apps. Cheers, Yggy

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  2. romantic_thi3f
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    3151 posts
    14 August 2015 in reply to Guest_2350

    Hi yggy

    Great post!

    Some of the apps I use are:

    Tanzen: it's a puzzle game but like the name suggests it's very zen.  I find it really calming and it doesn't use much data so I use it when I'm waiting for appointments and getting nervous!

    YOU app (by Jamie Oliver): it's basically full of little daily health challenges, like 'going outside'.  But it's photography based so you take photos of the activities you decide to do.

    smiling mind: for meditating.

    eCBT calm: for guiding me through anxiety/panic.  It's very basic but it works quite well and I find it's my 'go-to' app when I'm starting to get really anxious or can't sleep.

    superbetter: I used to use this app all the time when I was in my really low mood.  Short version is that we complete little tasks and 'level up', like jumping up and down (exercise), drinking water, calling a friend, etc.  It's probably the app I'd recommend to anyone in the midst of depression or anxiety.


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  3. Guest_2350
    Guest_2350 avatar
    588 posts
    14 August 2015 in reply to romantic_thi3f

    Hi Romantic :)

    Will certainly try these apps 😃 already downloaded superbetter!

     Thank you x

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  4. Guest_2350
    Guest_2350 avatar
    588 posts
    8 September 2015


    It has been a few weeks and I have tried a few apps so I will share my experiences.

    I love superbetter and I try to do it every day.

    Another favourite is Gratitude365 - where I log photos and comments about things I am grateful for every day and I also include the big question WHY. When I feel low (if I remember) I can have a look at my good moments and it also makes me happy that I actually find good moments every single day, no matter how bad I feel.

    WorryTime ( is also good, I enter my worries sometimes and it does help me to park my worries - I open my worries not every day, more when I see my GP or psychologist. I think I am too worried to read my own worries on my own.

    From the same company is also BREATHE, which I love because it lets you take a quick breathing break, that I can do anytime, no long meditation, just some breathing and it sends me reminders during the day.

    The nice thing with apps is that I always have them with me.

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