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Forums / Staying well / How do you deal with change?

Topic: How do you deal with change?

2 posts, 0 answered
  1. ghare
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    1 posts
    30 March 2015
    Does anyone else out there have a hard time sometimes dealing with change? e.g., change in routine? How do you cope with it?
  2. CrashCoyote
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    640 posts
    31 March 2015 in reply to ghare

    Hi ghare,

    Can you be more specific? My colleagues and I spend a lot of time writing lengthy answers to people who usually never come back to the site, so a one and a half line post cannot really spell out what your situation is nor justify a lengthy response trying to address a myriad of possible scenarios.

    What age group are you in? Do you have a diagnosed mental illness and if you do, are you following the recommended treatment? Is it working? What is the trigger for change that worries you? Can it be as small as having to drink from a different coffee cup because you can't find your favourite one or is it when your boss tells you your new role will require constant overseas travel? Or somewhere in between?

    I am happy to hear you out if you can give a little more detail and will do my best to give you some cogent support.

    Kind regards, John.

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