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Forums / Staying well / I’m anorexic and would like advice to help me develop a healthier diet

Topic: I’m anorexic and would like advice to help me develop a healthier diet

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  1. Dingus
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    2 posts
    16 November 2019
    I’ve had anorexia for over 3 years now and my weight has fluctuated a lot throughout. At the beginning of this year, my parents split and my mum has moved into a new home and my dad moved to a different state to work. I only live with my older brother who isn’t the greatest when it comes to emotional support but is a lovely person by all means. Recently I’ve gotten myself into an unhealthy routine where I eat around 300-1000 calories a day and I’ve began to feel quite run down every day. I work late, so I eat my dinner around 9:30pm sometimes and I hate doing this because I’m always terrified of becoming bloated but at the same time I enjoy eating at night as I don’t eat much throughout the day and it’s comforting. I am fully aware of how this is negatively affecting my physical health yet it’s very difficult for me to eat anymore than I do during the day (mainly because I hate he feeling of being full). I was wondering if anyone has any advice for me. Thank you.
  2. Nurse Jenn
    Health professional
    • Health professional
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    436 posts
    16 November 2019

    Hi Dingus,

    Welcome to the forum and great to see you posting for some support here. I am sorry to hear you have gone through some bumpy times with your parents separation. These changes can be really stressful and can throw anyones good patterns of eating out of whack. Getting into an unhealthy eating routine can be tough to break but you clearly want to make some changes. Reaching out for support here on the forum is great first step and I wonder if you might take this a step further?

    Recently, there have been some changes to Medicare where people with a diagnosed eating disorder can get subsidised (free or very cheap) counselling and appointments with a dietician. As each persons body is unique, it would be great for you to access a service that could tailor a program to your individual needs. I have attached a link to the information about this new funding pathway to care which is posted on The Butterfly Foundation Website.

    I wonder if you have had support from a psychologist, dietician or counsellor in the past? If so, could you access them again? A visit to your GP might be the first step forward towards getting the right support, the first time. Learning to have a healthy relationship with food and nutrition takes time and is a journey. If you require some immediate support, don't hesitate to call the Butterfly Foundation on 1800 33 4673 from 8:00am to Midnight / 7 days a week or you can use their chat or email support

    We are here and we are listening. Please let us know how you go in getting the right advise.

    Wishing you the best possible outcome,

    Nurse Jenn

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