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Forums / Staying well / Insomnia & full time work

Topic: Insomnia & full time work

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  1. Kiki7
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    1 posts
    17 July 2019

    Hi guys,

    Ive recently had a relapse with my anxiety and it has caused insomnia which is ruining my day to say life to function..

    I feel as though I’m going to be seen as a failure if I have to leave my job to look after myself.

    I’m getting about 3. Hours sleep a night ( with taking medication)

    Im just wondering if anyone has experienced really bad insomnia with full time work.

    My psychologist suggests I go to work regardless how much sleep I get and just keep going..

    Please help me

  2. coal
    coal avatar
    21 posts
    17 July 2019
    hello you just jinxed me and all we can do is keep going.
  3. PamelaR
    Champion Alumni
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    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    2740 posts
    17 July 2019 in reply to Kiki7

    Hi Kiki

    Warm welcome to our forums. You'll find there are many caring, supportive and friendly people in the community.

    I've had PTSD, anxiety and depression for a very long time, however was only diagnosed about 9 years ago. Through my 20s I slept very little - burnt the candles at both ends, never realising it was anxiety that kept me awake and active. I worked throughout my life - managing on little sleep. Trying all sorts of ways to get some reasonable sleep.

    It was frustrating - the pits really. But somehow I kept going. In hindsight I really can't work out how I managed to survived. A major need for me was to get aerobic exercise - I swam and rode a bike during my 30s and 40s, along with folk dancing. Now, I walk mostly. If I don't get that walk in, I usually struggle sleeping.

    Now, I'm retired, sleep happens whenever. Because of my lifelong bad sleeping patterns I can be awake till 4 (or later) in the morning, then sleep to 11.00am. Not the best, but I am managing.

    So I really empathise with you. It isn't easy. There is a Sleep thread if you're interested. It can be found by doing a keyword search using the search field at the top of our webpage.

    Feel free to browse our threads and to join discussion that are similar to what you're experiencing.

    Kind regards


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