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Forums / Staying well / Life can be Problematic 2.0 - MISS DIAGNOSIS/UNCERTAINTY

Topic: Life can be Problematic 2.0 - MISS DIAGNOSIS/UNCERTAINTY

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  1. BabySteps
    BabySteps avatar
    34 posts
    11 September 2019
    Hey everyone thanks for replying to my previous topic I wrote some time ago, This forum is the only place I can talk with out being prescribed Un wanted Medication/Heard.
    I am here again to talk about a more concerning matter In which I am facing currently
    I am 24 y/o and I have "No" History In Payed Work. I have No direction for what Jobs or Career I want. I have no friends and no Independence besides being able to get to two near by shopping complexes. I don't have a Driver's Licence yet and my own Car and no "Friends". I am completely lost and don't get along with my Parents because I'm In different.
    I have been prescribed Anti Psychotics and diagnosed with Psychosis/Schizophrenia I can write a update as to what lead to my Diagnosis. It was a mess for me from age 17-19 I DON'T have the Illness despite what my family and Psychiatrist/Doctors thinks. I have contracted Pre Diabetes Type 2 and I think about giving up, I hate my reality despite wanting to die. I wouldn't make that decision I just want to live my life desperately
  2. Dorothy1
    Dorothy1 avatar
    41 posts
    11 September 2019 in reply to BabySteps

    Dear babySteps

    Thank you for sharing your story

    I am wondering if you have tried to get another diagnosis?

    Have you tried to go to another GP and get a referral to see another psychiatrist?

    I completely understand what you are going through. That would be terrible to be misdiagnosed and given medication that you really feel you should not take.

    In terms of career, what are your interests? I know you must have been asked that a lot but I would hate working in an area I do not like. We need stimulation in life, not to be bored at work and the only thing you do is wait for the end of the day so that you can go home! I am sure there are lots of things you could do :)

    In relation to friends, I know it can be difficult, I myself really have struggled all my life with being shy and not very confident, thus not being especially outgoing it has always been difficult to make friends. Maybe once you find what your interests are you could enrol in different classes, what about a sport you d like to try or music?

    All the best


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  3. BabySteps
    BabySteps avatar
    34 posts
    11 September 2019 in reply to Dorothy1
    This was one of the best replies I have ever received anywhere online or in person. So quick and you understood me so well. I may have over exaggerated when I said me and my parents are In different, My relationship with them is just completely within the normal and we love each other. I really don't know in terms of what fields of Careers or Jobs I like/enjoy, My dream is to make Music, but I don't desire the spotlight etc. My main dream is to live humble to have multiple options or a suitable long term good career in something I don't mind, to have free time after work and to live humble and close to God and to my Hobbies, Having a Wife just the normal things, I am chasing the necessity's we all want, not the leisure's. I think about what careers or Jobs I like I honestly have no Idea. I just have always had some desire to live in Canada or the USA but I'm more grateful for Australia everyday.
  4. Dorothy1
    Dorothy1 avatar
    41 posts
    11 September 2019 in reply to BabySteps

    Well I am glad that I may have helped you in some ways.

    I am not emitting any judgement around the relationship you may have with your parents and maybe what you wrote earlier was just the way you felt at the time :)

    In term of career or job you may like to do maybe the best thing is to try a few? I think it is really difficult to actually find something we want to do and to be sure about it. There is so much pressure I find, around "choosing" a career especially in high school or from parents and I find that sometimes it just confuses people even more. To be honest with you it took me a while to know that too and I actually just took any job I could find just to try and see if I liked it or not. I finally found my purpose when I was 30 and with more life experience.

    I think your dreams are great :) Music is life (that's my opinion :) ) Wanting to live a humble life, have some time after work to keep a good work/ life balance and have a wife sounds like a good plan. Going to Canada or America why not? The simple things that make us feel great are so important in life.


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