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Forums / Staying well / Love is everything?

Topic: Love is everything?

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  1. Ciara1
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    25 July 2021

    It's difficult to define living now. I am breathing, my heart is beating, my body is warm and I am healthy as I can be. Still my life feels hollow. Why?

    I have friends and I have my family around me. I have work and I have the opportunity to succeed in life. I am quiet lucky in that sense. I am thankful. What is missing then?

    I been living without my boyfriend for 1 and half years. He lives overseas and I am here, stuck in constant floods of lockdowns. We started talking at the beginning of COVID-19 and have now formed a relationship, which I value the most in my life. Its difficult not being able to be with him. It breaks my heart and it discolours everything else I have in my life. I am trying to apply for exemption to see him. However my pain and story is not good enough for the borders authority to give exception.

    I am holding on and trying to stay optimistic. Its hard though, living with no clarity. I am lacking that is fundamental to life…love.

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  2. smallwolf
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    26 July 2021 in reply to Ciara1


    From your post you think you should (?) not feel this way - as you said, you have family, friends, work. And yet something is missing.

    Beyond blue has a site specifically for Covid related issues that might be of use to you...

    One thing I know from speaking with some people is that with Covid and the lock downs, there is a greater sense of disconnection or perhaps better said as a loss of connection and increase in loneliness. And if you are working from home this feeling may be amplified. Where once upon a time you would be able to visit someone, travel etc., Covid has put a stop to these activities. My heart goes out to you ... someone outside of our control is controlling what we can or cannot do.

    Other users in the forums have expressed similar issues to yours, and in one example, both persons were living in the same city. I was listening to a podcast this morning and the host of the show is also a therapist who said she has been feeling down more recently, and the last 2 years have been the hardest.

    We are all affected in different ways and not know where the end point is I think is very frustrating. So in this mess, I am not sure how to find clarity except to do the best we can and look forward with hope? And maybe telling your story here will help?


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