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Forums / Staying well / Making the crappy days less crappy

Topic: Making the crappy days less crappy

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  1. romantic_thi3f
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    romantic_thi3f avatar
    3151 posts
    30 July 2015

    Hi all,

    I have a chronic illness and a mental illness so most days are a bit of a struggle for me.  Most days I push, try and get some exercise, eat better, have difficult conversations, jump out of my comfort zones – etc etc you know the drill.

    But somedays are really bad days.  Those are the days when I’m sicker than usual, and all CBT have gone out the window and I’m thinking that I’m ‘not enough’ or just feeling downright miserable.  

    But overtime I’ve kind of learned that it’s okay to have really crappy days.  It doesn’t mean that I’m ‘relapsing’ or that I’m drowning in sadness, or that everyday is going to be like this one.  It just means that it’s a bad day.  

    I’ve also learned that there’s a number of things that help me so that my day doesn’t have to be totally and utterly crappy.  Things like watching TV-reruns or comedies on Netflix, or pinning a thousand pins on Pinterest really help take my mind away from stuff. I also really like Spotify (a music streaming app) as the right song can help immensely.  

    What about you?  

    Is there anything that you can do to make your day just a little bit less crappy?  

    If not, why don’t you create one?  A toolbox that has things that cheer you up when you’re down. 

    Because today won’t last forever.

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  2. SourceShield
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    951 posts
    4 August 2015 in reply to romantic_thi3f

    Thank you for writing this post.

    I find going for a walk with my dog helps...even just a little movement is good, and when I really need a big boost of joy in my life - I turn the lights off, turn the music up and dance like a maniac!!! Dance is awesomely awesome. 

    I also find that eating the right foods help, for me, high quality proteins and heaps of whole foods and greens seem to help me keep my mood in check!

    A healthy love-life...always nice to have intimacy and affection in one's life.

    And, if the day is extra crappy then I like to watch a t.v series on dvd like Breaking Bad or True Blood, stuff like that, from start to finish...and some chocolate!

    Also, laughing for no reason helps too...just start laughing in your room at nothing, the exercise of laughing has huge, profound and stellar benefits.

    Take it easy 

    Have Fun


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