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Topic: Music helps

12 posts, 0 answered
  1. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    2 September 2015

    Firstly, hello, and thank-you to all of the moderators and contributors on this forum. I've recently found this place and have trawled through quite a few threads so far... It's great to have a resource where we don't need to feel so alone. Think I may stick around for a while. I've been dealing with various issues on my own for years, and am only just learning that it's OK to talk about them. With that said, Here goes with my first post...

     I've had varying degrees of depression and anxiety over the years, but recently had my first experience of a "proper" panic attack and it sent me into a bit of a tailspin. As the storm clouds cleared (they always do) and I once more tried to collect my strength, I've relearned something I knew instinctively when I was a teenager - Music helps.

    I've always been into music, and found myself surprised revisiting some albums that I haven't listened to in years.. whether it be an uplifting solo, a beat that gets you going or some inspiring lyrics, There's been a mountain of help lined up on the shelves of the lounge room wall all along. I'm starting to build up an arsenal of go-to tracks,  for when I need that kick inside.

    Right now, I am being incredibly inspired by the maturity and sensitivity of the words of Mike Skinner (The Streets).  When I last listened to his albums I heard it as jokey, laddish music about partying and such. Coming back to it with open ears in a time of need, I now hear his incredible maturity and emotional sensitivity in so many of his lyrics, He's been there, and has the talent to express in words what so few of us men are unable to.  I'm hoping to find more gems like this, but it's a bit like a needle in the haystack.

    So I am putting it out there...  Whether it be finding the strength to get out of bed, grieving a lost relationship, or just struggling to make sense of it all,  What music helps you when you need a little mental leg-up?

    I'll start,     

    The Streets - On The Edge Of A Cliff

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  2. Sparkles183
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Sparkles183 avatar
    265 posts
    2 September 2015 in reply to triptych

    Hi Triptych and welcome to beyond blue......

    i am sorry to hear that you had to go through that panic attack I know they can be horrible. 

    I am also glad you also found away to distract your self through music. The other night I was Laying in bed and could not get to sleep as my anxiety was so high I bumped my ipad and then I started to hear aussie folk music play. It put a little smile on my face because I have no idea how it started to play as the ipad should of been locked and it was such a random song that was not on top of my list. But the song and songs that played  following helped me to relax and helped me get to sleep. 

    So aussie folk music was never my first choice to help me relax but I guess it is now...

    have a great day 

    sparkles ......

  3. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    2 September 2015 in reply to Sparkles183

    G'day Sparkles, thanks for the reply.

    Maybe I should rephrase.. I'm not looking to distract myself with music, quite the opposite, I want to face my problems head on. I want to use it a psychological tool. I want to find songs that assist me and give me power in changing my perspective on problems. There are some amazing genius' out there who have amazing insights. The song I mentioned, for example, did more for me in three minutes than a dozen sessions with a councilor ever did. Sadly, The genius of Mike Skinner is relatively unknown. I've mentioned it here in the hope that it can help someone else like  it has helped me. It is my hope also that others can point me in the direction of specific songs that give them power over their problems.

    Another one of my go to tracks, this time a bit more familiar, hopefully:

    John Lennon - Instant Karma

  4. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    2 September 2015
    Another one that helps me a lot, It's about ignoring the negative voices and the doubt
    Pink Floyd - Fearless
  5. Coggles
    Coggles avatar
    12 posts
    2 September 2015 in reply to triptych

    Hi there

    i agree music is a great tool whether it be for relaxation or motivation.

    i personally like the top 50 classical music by the London orchestra for relaxation but for motivation and up beat song it good. I mean how could you not smile at the monty Python song about coconuts 😀. Even that "I've got the power song by can't remember their name

    keep it up though it is best to face the problem rather then let it gradually get to you.

  6. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    3 September 2015 in reply to Coggles

    Hi Coggles,

    I haven't heard I've go the power in years and just listened to it.   Good one!

    I'm not sure what the Monty Python coconut song you mentioned is, but it made me think of the Harry Nilsson song Coconut.  Harry Is a big favourite of mine.  He battled his own demons of depression and addiction his whole life.  In fact, He (with his good friend Ringo Star) made an album which was a musical fable called 'The Point' which I have found helpful from time to time. The moral of the story is that it is OK to be different, in fact it is our differences which make us special.

    I'm far less familiar with classical music, so I'm making it my mission to dig deeper into the genre. One track that I do know and love is   Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries   which gets my blood pumping.

    Great contribution, Thanks!

  7. Sparkles183
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Sparkles183 avatar
    265 posts
    3 September 2015 in reply to triptych

    The two songs that has helped me through the hard times are..

    you are not alone by rick piano  and 

    remind me who I am by Jason gray  ( must be watched with the video clip it is the best.) 

    them two songs are better then sitting through any psych session I ever had....

  8. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    3 September 2015 in reply to Sparkles183

    Thanks Sparkles,

    I'd never heard of either of them and gave both a listen. Great messages in both and yup, quite uplifting. I agree, the video in the David Gray song really adds to it,  I got a bit of a chill when everyone became 'beloved'.

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  9. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    3 September 2015

    I think I'm about to get fired as a result of a panic attack the other night... felt myself sliding.  Time for some up tempo enthusiasm and some ear blistering guitar work...

    Turbonegro - The Age of Pamparius

     Can't believe I'm smiling and getting around the house actually doing something, Even if its just cleaning. More!


  10. myownworstenemy
    myownworstenemy avatar
    7 posts
    5 September 2015 in reply to triptych
    Hi triptych.  I find music very helpful, uplifting and very motivating.  Love 70's, 80's and 90's music, jazz and some classical music.  I just love to listen to my favourite music when I'm doing housework or travelling around in my car.  I was singing at my church on Sunday mornings quite regularly which was very beneficial for my mood and look forward to singing again at Sunday services soon.  Listening to music and singing certainly does a lot to calm the anxiety, get the endorphins going and improve my mood overall.
  11. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    6 September 2015 in reply to myownworstenemy

    That's awesome that you've got an outlet to release your voice on a regular basis and get the endorphins pumping. Gospel music is very inspiring.  Music is the best.

    I discovered this song today,  It's having a mind blowing effect on me, such a simple but brilliant message


    Pharrell Williams - Freedom

  12. triptych
    triptych avatar
    31 posts
    8 September 2015 in reply to triptych

    A few songs that made me feel great today, Today was a good day. I made some phone calls that I've been avoiding, and found the motivation to go for a nice long walk, despite the intermittent drizzle.

    Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space

    Mountain Goats - This Year

    The Streets - Everything is Borrowed

    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

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