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Topic: Recovering

6 posts, 0 answered
  1. claremortimer
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
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    1 posts
    14 January 2015

    I have been suffering depression and anxiety for about 5 years. 3 years ago, I couldn't take it anymore, I was sick of the nasty depressing thoughts that came over me, so I went to see a doctor. I had seen doctors and therapists in the past, but I felt like they made me worse so I didn't want to do anything or see anyone about it.

    My doctor last year was really really understanding, and listened to what I had to say. She put me on anti depressants. I have been taking those for 3 years now. Last year, I decided I didn't need them, and stopped taking them. which only threw me to the bottom. I suffered even worse, so quickly started taking them again. I still didn't feel like I was getting anywhere with recovery.

    I instead, looked into a more natural and healthy way of recovering. I STARTED TO EXERCISE & EAT HEALTHY!! I have never looked back since. I am still on medication, but I have never felt that sadness since then. I exercise daily, and it has improved my state of mind drastically. I cannot explain the difference it has made.

    I truly believe that exercising and eating right can help you mend your heart and mind, and try overcome whatever is dragging you down. I hope my story could help a little bit.

    remember, you are not the only one feeling like this.

  2. Neil_1
    Champion Alumni
    • Community champion volunteers who are not currently active on the forums.
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    4232 posts
    14 January 2015

    Hello Clare

    Welcome to Beyond Blue and I'd really like to thank you so much for sharing this post.

    If I was to pick a word for your post I'd choose "Inspirational".

    You've been doing it tough and now have sought out, as you say, some natural or healthy ways to help combat things - and what you've chosen is awesome.  I try to promote these two things often in some of my posts (I also include the huge importance of drinking a lot of water each day as well).

    But yes, eating healthy and exercising are so beneficial - and the old saying:  "A healthy body can lead to a healthy mind" is pretty true.

    It's good that you're back on your meds and that they are doing their little bit as to keeping things in sync for you.  When you hit rock bottom, that didn't surprise me, as you just stopped taking your meds - going off meds, should be a monitored approach to be taken with your treating doctor or professional who prescribes you the meds.  So Clare, that's not to say that at some stage in the future, if you feel that things are continuing to improve for you - that you could possibly see your Doc and to 'maybe' wean yourself off the medication as well.

    Something to possibly aim towards in your future.

    But again, I thank you so much for coming here and posting this.  I really hope that it gets read by a lot of members and non-members alike.

    Kind regards



  3. TheSteve
    blueVoices member
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    TheSteve avatar
    281 posts
    14 January 2015 in reply to claremortimer

    Thanks for sharing Clare, as Neil says you are certainly an inspiration. I see your story as a "roadmap" of sorts, for others who are suffering and looking for a way back to health.

    It is quite amazing to look back at our own suffering, and realize that without the difficulty we encounter, the hurt and pain we endured, and the riddles we had to solve to get healthy, we would not develop the knowledge to alleviate that same suffering in the world through ourselves and others.

    Keep on rolling!


  4. RonH
    RonH avatar
    6 posts
    14 January 2015 in reply to claremortimer
    It's taken me a long, long time to get "realisation". I've been on a ride. I had social anxiety/avoidance from age 7 and only went to therapy at 40. Struggled on my own for that time. I started to have seizures in my 30s and that's when I got worried. Then I married and my wife looked after me (I am one lucky man. Don't know what I did to deserve care and support like that!) Took anti-convulsants, but still no decrease in anxiety - although anti-convulsants are also mood stabilisers. Then 7 years ago I took an anti-depressant regularly and things have slowly improved. Still frightened to go outside and participate in things, but I'm doing MORE, which is great.
  5. Stasiaa
    Stasiaa avatar
    8 posts
    17 January 2015 in reply to claremortimer
    I`m new to this and want to say that it`s amazing that you can help your depression by yourself without totally having to rely on medication. I have yet to see a doctor about my problems, though I know I should, I don't know how I would talk about it. How did you go about your first appointment? Im scared and wish something as nice and healthy as exercising could help me, yet I already go to the gym multiple times a week. Once again it`s inspiring and i envy your strength to seek guidance and try new things to help your depression 
  6. RonH
    RonH avatar
    6 posts
    8 February 2015 in reply to Stasiaa
    I went to a psychologist first. About the seizures. Because I was pretty stubborn and refused to believe neurologists when they said stress wasn't the cause of the seizures, but a trigger. That's when the psychologist asked "Do you think you might suffer from social phobia?"Then the penny dropped. Someone else said to me "You can get medication for anxiety, you know. See a psychiatrist." I thought "Get lost! I'm on anti-convulsants already and I don't like taking them." So it was another five years until I finally realised I needed medication for the stress. I'm alot better.I am tired easily and have lost sex drive, but my life is bearable now and I'm more active and confident. 

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