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Topic: Smoking

3 posts, 0 answered
  1. Gizz 36
    Gizz 36 avatar
    53 posts
    16 October 2019
    I just gave up ciggareete and went on a e ciggareete it's been 3 months since I've had ciggarettes with all the tar and chemicals that come with tobacco now I got stressed out and depressed lately does it have something to do with giving up on smoking or has it got to do with vaping just don't know much about the withdrawal symptoms of giving up smoking but I do use nicotine juice on my e ciggareete u know u hear all this negativity about e ciggarete I feel it's help me more I don't stink anymore I don't go outside to have a smoke anymore but my main question have I got bad depression from giving up smoking to vaping thanks
  2. romantic_thi3f
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    romantic_thi3f avatar
    3085 posts
    17 October 2019 in reply to Gizz 36

    Hi Gizz 36,

    Thank you for your post and your question. While I'm not a smoker, hopefully I can give you the answers you're looking for -

    Withdrawals of smoking can absolutely cause changes in mood, and vaping can impact on your mood too.

    Unfortunately sometimes the withdrawals can be too intense, which is why people start to smoke again - but overtime they do settle.

    Here's some more info about withdrawals -

    If you give Quitline a call 13 7848, they'll be able to talk to you more and have some more clarity. They also have QuitTxt which can text you strategies for managing stress and moods.


  3. Gizz 36
    Gizz 36 avatar
    53 posts
    17 October 2019 in reply to romantic_thi3f
    Thanks rt I will call quit line they will most likely have all the information I've never tried to quit before so I have no idea if I'm having bad withdrawals or something elese

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