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Forums / Staying well / Snacky Foods for Lack of Appetite

Topic: Snacky Foods for Lack of Appetite

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  1. FxZIONZ
    FxZIONZ avatar
    12 posts
    10 July 2019

    Hey All,

    Just seeing if anyone has suggestions on snacky foods high in essential nutrients.

    With my anxiety i find i have a lack of appetite. I am trying to buy foods which are simple to make. ie i just grab it from the fridge and eat.

    I am looking for foods which are high in the more important nutrients that we need.

    I try to have an up and go or a twist cap yoghurt in the fridge so i can get a decent intake of something healthy. I also find that they satisfy my hunger.

    Until i get the motivation and energy to cook, what are some foods that are easy, or even meals or plans etc. people have tried that are easy when you dont have the mental energy and motivation to cook or sometimes make food.

    I find i opt for takeaways or uber eats and just wanting to save a bit of money but still get food in me.

    Thanks For the Help!

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  2. Summer Rose
    Valued Contributor
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    1618 posts
    10 July 2019 in reply to FxZIONZ

    Hi FxZIONZ

    I think you've posed a really good question and hear you about trying to reduce the spend on takeaway.

    For healthy snacks, I really like nuts and fruit. Almonds are really good for your heart and surprisingly filling. A small can of tuna with crackers is also good for me (tuna is a good source of protein). Rice crackers or rice cakes are better for you than chips and still tasty.

    For a quick meal eggs are great. Scrambled, fried or hard boiled are all easy. Baked beans on toast (sprinkle some cheese on top) is also filling. You can also try ready made lasagna and salad from the supermarket.

    I have eaten Lite n Easy meals when dieting and they're not too bad. Kind of expensive but very convenient. You choose your menu and it's delivered to your door.

    Kind thoughts to you

  3. romantic_thi3f
    Community Champion
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    romantic_thi3f avatar
    3116 posts
    11 July 2019 in reply to FxZIONZ

    Hi FxZIONZ,

    Hmm snacky foods..

    - Smoothies or juices, especially if you make your own

    - Nuts/seeds

    - Yoghurt

    - Crackers with cheese, spreads, vegetables or dip

    - Nut/muesli bars

    - Muffins (esp if homemade)

    - Fruit

    - Dried fruit

    - Vegetables like carrots, cucumber, capsicum etc

    - Bread like raisin bread, banana bread or a piece of toast

    - Popcorn

    - Can of tuna or baked beans

    - Cereal or cereal clusters

    - Energy balls

    Hope this gives you some ideas!

  4. Lolue
    Lolue avatar
    49 posts
    27 July 2019 in reply to FxZIONZ

    Hi FxZIONZ,

    One of my dieticians recommended Belvita Breakfast biscuits as i struggle with having breakfast in the mornings this might be good to have as a snack or morning tea.

    Maybe you could have a dinner party with close friends your comfortable with where everyone brings one cooked dish like a hot pot/bring a plate. This is great way to save and spend time with friends ☺

    romantic_thi3f has provider some great recommendations:

    -Fruit is a good healthy option to have such as strawberries, bannas, etc.

    -milo, up and gos, protein milks

    -Dips with crackers or pita bread

    -soup, ive seen in woolworths some great premade soups that could be quite nice on a cold day.

    -salads theres ones pre-made from the super market or if your filling up to it you could make your own

  5. Guest_2496
    Guest_2496 avatar
    376 posts
    27 July 2019 in reply to FxZIONZ


    Nearly everything I would suggest is here but I’ll add bananas, raspberries, and those little tubs of purée apple, or fruit in juice.

    Sometimes for lunch I’ll have a can of tuna with jasmine rice (those small microwave tubs) and baby spinach. And for dinner soup with veggies - you can buy those fresh, cut packs in the supermarket.

    Boiled eggs are great for a snack - boil a few at a time and leave in fridge so you can grab something quickly.

  6. MsPurple
    Champion Alumni
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    MsPurple avatar
    1621 posts
    27 July 2019 in reply to FxZIONZ

    Hi FxZIONZ

    It can be frustrating losing your appetite. But I am glad you are being proactive and trying to find ways to eat healthy even with a low appetit4e

    Take-away/dining options

    • - asian stir fry. Try some braised variety as it doesn't have a sugary sauce base.
    • -tomato based sauce pasta
    • -pizza that is veggie based (e.g advise against 5 meats, this is a 'sometimes food')
    • -steak with veggies. I usually ask for sauce on the side
    • -fish and salad/fish

    Home/cooking ideas

    • -cut up veggies (or whole grain cackers) and dip
    • - nuts and seeds
    • -homemade smoothies (I use homebrand frozen fruit, yoghurt and milk)
    • -cheese/salad/ham/tuna sandwiches on wholegrain bread
    • -frozen dinners. Look at ones with a good amount of veggies. Try not get ones with heaps of sodium. The health stars can be helpful
    • -cereal and milk. Again try look at the sugar content (note if heaps of try fruit in it, the sugar content may come from fruits, look to see if there are heaps of added sugars). For example sultana bran is a good option

    Again I commend you for trying to look for healthier options. When in a rough patch you can put nutrition down as a low priority. But then it can actually make things worse as you are not feeding the body and brain the right nutrients.

    For more information on healthy eating I suggest going to the government website

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