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Forums / Staying well / trying to lose weight

Topic: trying to lose weight

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. goldilocks
    goldilocks avatar
    41 posts
    4 May 2021

    I am trying to lose weight now so I can fit into my old clothes that I like again. I just want to look and feel good. I have always been the kind of person who can eat whatever they like and not put on weight, but this changed when I went to the psychiatric ward of the hospital a few years ago and trialled a cocktail of antipsychotic and antidepressant medications. I am currently taking 3 medications to treat my mental health problems (I have schizophrenia and depression and anxiety.)

    What are your tips for weight loss? And how can I maintain a good, healthy weight?

    I just want to put it out there that I DO NOT have an eating disorder and I am not trying to promote eating disorders with my post.

  2. Gelati
    Gelati avatar
    165 posts
    5 May 2021 in reply to goldilocks

    Hi goldilocks,

    I kind of know the feeling. I've always been someone who is very slim no matter what I eat, but as I've reached a certain age I have noticed this has slowed a little. This has coincided with our long covid lockdown last year, which encouraged couch potato behaviour for extended periods - all I had in my life was netflix and food. So.... fast forward to May 2021 and it's a bit of a squeeze to fit into some of my business clothes. I also generally feel not very attractive.

    I know I need to eat healthier and get exercise in more often, but it's so hard to stick to sometimes. What I think is more likely to work for me is if I plan my meals for the week on a Sundays and make sure they are really easy but tasty meals - even something I can cook on Sunday and pop into the freezer for each evening. I find if it's too much work to make my dinner each night, I give in and eat bad food. So the key for me is speed, ease and tastiness. You may even find it useful to look into those delivery nutritious meals.

    For exercise, I find there is no point getting into something that is not enjoyable. I simply won't stick with it. I find I enjoy walking so, on my daily strolls I walk just a little faster to get my heart rate up. A podcast or audio book can make it more fun too.

    Also, I find drinking water so boring. To avoid drinking too much tea, I sometimes boil the kettle and serve myself just plain hot water. It gives me something warm to hold too. I also try to drink a big glass of water each monring.

  3. goldilocks
    goldilocks avatar
    41 posts
    6 May 2021 in reply to Gelati

    Hi Gelati,

    I play netball twice a week now (which is something that I enjoy doing), so I have that when it comes to exercise. I don't really enjoy the exercise bike mum bought and walking is ok, I just don't have the motivation to do it every day. Maybe I don't really enjoy walking? I don't know. I also drink T2 tea every day which makes me feel good about myself. I like drinking really cold water even though it hurt my sensitive teeth :(. Im really not sure how I started to put on this weight, I think it coincided with the aforementioned reason in the OP?

  4. quirkywords
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    10194 posts
    6 May 2021 in reply to goldilocks


    I am not a trained medical person but I do know that some medications do put on have never been slim but when I went onto bipolar medication I put on 12 kilos and took 20 years to take it off as I would take offa d put on weight every year.
    I have a big frame and will never be slim. I need my medication but have leant not to overeat.

    Could you talk to your doctor about your weight ?

    I suppose it depends if you are overweight or just bigger than you are used to.

    Thanks for sharing your post.

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