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Forums / Staying well / Who else likes gardening?

Topic: Who else likes gardening?

  1. ecomama
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    2 August 2021 in reply to Paw Prints

    Hey Paws, GO YOU getting some indoor plants online!

    Air plants? wow, please let us know how they go, you might be onto something there.
    There are a variety that grow really well in trees here, but I have to get my rake and pull them down out of my trees, they end up suffocating some trees.
    I'm sure they'll be perfect inside.

    African violets - you're an expert! I can't grow them to save my life lol.
    they are so beautiful though, so pretty.

    Sanseveria is a great indoor plant. Ppl thin them out and leave them on the side walk.
    I find they're quite sturdy. Don't need a LOT of light but do need some. Just non whingers lol!
    When they go a bit yellow, they need sun.
    When they go a bit limp, they need water.
    Easy peasy.
    They need a bigger pot than the plant, because they multiply.

    Well done you, can't wait to hear when you're new darlings arrive!

    Love EMxxxx

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  2. ecomama
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    2 August 2021 in reply to Guest_1055

    Hey Shelll!

    Monster find! I love when that happens! Object permanence in it's best form lol.

    I understand Sanseveria or Mother-In-Law's Tongue DOES assist purify the air - a Japanese study found that having this plant next to a person's bed improved their sleep, so maybe we're on to something here.

    Alexa says big flat thinnish leaves are the ones that help purify the air the most inside.
    I wish I knew the name of my easy plant to grow that looks like this.
    It's a trooper! Lol... there's a theme for plants at my house.
    It's in a hanging pot above the toaster AND some other cooking appliances from time to time.
    Just gets a bit sad if the soil dried out.

    I understand Peace Lillies are toxic for cats. Not sure about dogs though? Worth a google search.

    You like a LOT of veg Shelll! Fresh corn is my fave too. My absolute BEST bumper crop happened after I followed my 6yo son's instincts to sow the seed in a spiral.
    The trick to get a bumper crop is to have them plants pretty close and lots of them.
    They cross pollinate to each other which gives us the corn.
    I planted LOTS of Marigolds to encourage the bees and hey Presto! Lots.

    Peas are now aren't they? It's been too long.

    If I prep my soil in June and July, then we can get away with planting seeds in mid August to begin cropping late Spring through Summer.
    Not sure about your climate?
    Or micro climates?

    My farmer friends "lengthens" the warm season by putting sheet metal near her crops before and after the season.
    A special Biodynamic preparation can do this too.

    we each need to get to know our micro climate to get the most out of growing food.

    What are you going to plant first?

    Love EMxxxx

  3. ecomama
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    2 August 2021

    hello everyone, it's so beautiful to be here in this safe garden space lol.

    I'm having a bad time with the extended community around my home. Not ALL ppl by far, just some nightmares.
    It's sad.

    SO I'm getting serious about attempting to entertain my chickens so they stay in our own back yard!
    They get chased out by Brush Turkeys so it's quite a dilemma.
    Plus I'm waiting for the new neighbours to move in and demand a fence! Ours has almost completely fallen down. So many palings missing I could walk through in many places.

    Green Harvest sells a "Clucker Tucker" mix of seeds which I may buy, watching cents atm for all the expenses, including rewiring our CCTV which should deter the nasty neighbours.

    Might just buy some wheat seeds to mix with some less favourite veg seeds I have and sow them in the 4 mini beds I picked up from across the road.

    I WEEDED to billeo after work. Angry gardening grrr.
    I filled my green bin so great!
    I want to place those mini beds there asap.

    Then half fill with soil probably from Papa BTs major Taj Mahal lol!
    No time to compost in them as I planned.

    Then sow the seeds and cover with wire and the chickens fertilised straw.

    When the seedlings grow UP, the chickens can peck at the shoots and not scratch them out.
    I'm doing it ONLY for the chickens, not for humans more than attempting to keep our feathered darlings safe.

    hope I can find my wire cutters and pliers!

    It was gratifying to dig out lots of dead or near dead lantana roots. It felt really good to see black soil and no roots in it any more.
    I'm so happy I can use my whipper snipper for GRASS way down the back! Not weeds or not many lol.

    I could pile cut grass up in piles around that spot, and maybe devise a way for the chickens and turkeys to leave it alone for a while, I can let them in and scratch away at that over time.

    And I think I need to feed them 3 x a day for a while.
    My wormwood and comfrey died. maybe the nursery has some... I'll phone them tomorrow.
    I could check Green Harvest now and throw in the Clucker Tucker too.

    It's a real brain teaser. I'm pretty stressed out about it as you can tell!

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would LOVE to try them out!

    I need more energy! Work is tiring me out.
    Thanks in advance!


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  4. Guest_1055
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    7655 posts
    2 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Ah the sheet metal warms up doesn't it... The spiral corn crop sounds wonderful. Love that idea. I didn't know that about how corn pollinates.

    I will look into those plants you mentioned the ones that help purify the inside air.

    I am on the east coast of NSW. Up north. Think the climate is temperate. I did learn a little about micro climates in this course I did. I am guessing the sheet metal would be like a micro climate. Against a garage too. We have a colourbond garage.

    The place I thought would be good in my backyard for a raised bed is in full sun.

    What was that about your plant and your toaster? Have you got a plant hanging down towards your toaster? Have I got that right?

    Think there may be a plant identifier app that you can find out the name of plants. Think you take a photo or something. Never used it before though

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  5. Paw Prints
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    1823 posts
    2 August 2021 in reply to Guest_1055

    Hello Em, Shell,

    Shell - air plants grow without soil... I've been googling how to care for them & it seems how much or little they are watered plus the humidity/sunlight is what keep them growing...

    I have a book which details plants that are toxic to pets... from memory the lilies are toxic to dogs...

    Em I'm sad to hear you are getting grief from your neighbours... just a thought but could you get a second hand puppy play pen which you could put your girls in & move it about the yard to give them new areas each day... or if you could get a couple & join them up then it wouldn't need to be moved... just until the fence get fixed...



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  6. Katyonthehamsterwheel
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    1676 posts
    7 August 2021 in reply to Paw Prints

    Hello - here’s my indoor plant experience:

    I’m no green thumb but I have 2 air plants that are going well. I’ve put them in mini terrariums I found at Kmart, along with beach shells. Just sat them on top the shells, and I give them a spray of water every week. They’re on my kitchen window ledge.

    My sanseverias have been temperamental, and they’re supposed to be easy plants! Ive lost two already, but three are going ok. They rot easily if you overwater them.

    I have 2 Hoyas that live in my bathroom and they seem happy! My Hoya sweetheart is growing big and beautiful, and has lovely heart shaped leaves. The other plants growing well inside are pothos- I have two in the kitchen and they grow nice trailing vines that you can hang and they look quite decorative.

    I have a few other varieties indoors but I can’t seem to figure out what they like, and they all look a bit sad at the moment.

    I look forward to hearing about other people’s experiences with indoor plants :)


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  7. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    8 August 2021 in reply to Katyonthehamsterwheel

    Hey happy BB green thumbs! affirmations help lol!

    Indoor plants can be temperamental, when you think about it, it's a constructed situation they're in.
    So just like any place in the garden, there are different micro climates in diff't rooms of our homes, difft light, moisture, everything.

    I move my little pink succulent often. It's delicate. Half way between sturdy (which is what I have to have in an indoor plant) and sensitive. Luckily it SHOWS me pretty quickly when it's unhappy. I just Pray I'm reacting to it correctly lol! IE MOVING it out of a windy spot, more water, more dappled sunlight - whatever.

    Yes Shelll, I DO have a hanging plant - maybe it's a HOYA? Dangling over my toaster lol! Now I've seen Katy's post about her hoyas, mine would probably prefer the bathroom lol. Don't have any hanging hooks in there tho
    :-( It's doing ok!

    Yes there's an app you can buy, Alexa has one. It IDs plants pretty well!

    Hey Paws, yes a beautiful idea. I call those CHOOK TRACTORS but alas they were $450 each and I needed 3! Then to put them together. Grrrr. Plus can't drive far from home, just a thing atm.
    We ordered a freaking beast of a thing lol 6m x 3m x 2m high.
    My Handyman is at the ready to help put it together asap when the 3 boxes arrive.

    I plan on having a veritable WONDERLAND in there for my girls. Using mostly what I have already. A sand bath in an old toddler pool. 2 small veg beds with their clucker tucker plants shielded with wire so they can peck through. Roosting boxes. High perches. A fallow gated area to wander in only when I'm gardening all day.

    My bday present to myself was $300 worth of Chook waterer and feeder, Clucker tucker seeds & a few Asian hand tools to garden with. Changing plans all the time here in my garden, but my priority is to keep all living animals safe.

    Hey Katy, air plants are great. I have an aversion to them due to the damage to my trees but kept inside is AWESOME lol. Your hoyas seem to love living with you? any special hints or tips?

    Sanseveria can be fussy. They don't like too much water, in fact we only water if the soil is bone dry.

    With ANY plants, meditating on WHERE they came from, feeling the climate, soil, environment they originated from... then intuiting WHERE in your home or garden can best mimic their "home" is my best, probably my ONLY advice lol.
    When I DO do that, I have more success.
    When I don't, well I don't.

    SO MUCH experimentation in gardening.


    Love EMxxxx

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  8. ecomama
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    4567 posts
    8 August 2021 in reply to Katyonthehamsterwheel

    Growing mushrooms.

    I found inspiration from watching Fantastic Fungi on Netflix last night.
    I try to look after any fungi growing, for the health of our garden.

    We have a local family we've known for a few generations.
    They now grow mushrooms; deliver them & beautiful mushroom compost too.
    But searching online I found they ALSO sell Oyster Mushroom growing kits.
    Pretty exciting lol.

    Papa Brush turkey has taken tonnes of top soil. Another one has moved in & is building a mound in the corner ho hum lol.
    I admire their resilience, can't deny them some space (snacks too lol).

    But this has caused major disruptions to alot of fungi growing.
    Yesterday I began piling "fungi timbers" and will "feed" them.

    When the CHOOK PALACE is built, I can finally erect my Greenhouse I got for a present years ago, outside it at one end. But no where in my garden will be suitable for an Oyster mushroom set up. I'd prefer Shitake mushrooms but one type at a time lol.

    Perhaps my laundry could be a good place? the chooks have been moved out!
    Atm it still gets some warmth in the day time (in Summer it'll be far too hot for them in there)...
    The drier expels moisture that the mushrooms could USE.

    I LOVED the directions on youtube about how to set the system up.
    Looks really easy, soak the bag, slit the pack, spray water them, grow mushies, eat them lol.

    Repeat for up to 4 crops per bag!

    I'm going to budget a delivery of compost and a starter kit of Oyster mushies.

    The EX chook shed will become my Potting Shed.
    Maybe I need to put my bath worm farm in there, IDK.

    Yesterday TRIUMPHANTLY we took down the above ground pool, what a JOB.
    Have yet to bag up all the rotting pool liner ugh.
    Have to DIG out lantana & blackberries! Great! I'm pretty good at it now.

    Then the round flat space where the pool once was, will become our Fire Pit area.
    AND the extended Chook run when I'm present.

    I got to Whipper Snip GRASS for the first time in years. That was FUN!
    It almost looks like a "civilised" garden space now lol.

    I repotted some plants near the house.
    Organised some pots in the back yard.
    Our new neighbours MAY move in, in about a month... (or knock down the fibro majestic and build a mega mansion IDK!) , so I'd like to clear up spaces more nicely as they'll see the top of my back garden.
    Not much else tho.

    Still in love with my leaf blower lol.

    Love EM! xxxx

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  9. Lillylane
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    365 posts
    10 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi all,

    EM, Mushroom growing sounds fascinating! Do they grow pretty fast too? Never really thought about it as an option for growing at home!

    Katy, good to hear about the indoor plants you’ve been growing. My cats tend to chew on plants so I don’t have many inside... however one of my favourites is the Cissus Ellen Danica (‘grape ivy’). I grow it under cover outdoors in hanging baskets (they’ve grown so fast, even though I often forget to water them) and also up a fence in complete shade. Really easy care. Lovely foliage.

    Happy gardening, thanks for sharing.


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  10. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    10 August 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Hi Lilly! Nice to see you lol,

    I'm not quite sure how long it takes to grow the first harvest of Oyster mushrooms, a week if I remember correctly. There was a YouTube clip I watched on those particular mushies.

    I used to grow the ones in a box kit but my sons live downstairs there now, so not happening any more lol.

    I liked how you can get up to FOUR harvests from the SAME bag of Oyster ones.
    That's alotta mushies lol.
    I need to check how much the bag costs and I'll report back lol.

    POSSIBLY I could get out my dehydrator and dry out a batch or 2 to store.
    I need to think this through a bit first.
    Basically trying to keep local businesses going during lock down a bit!

    They also deliver bags of mushroom compost which is beautiful.

    I "fed" my fungus wood heap today lol, poured off apple juice all over it. Nice!
    I'll put cut banana plants in with the regular timbers too to keep the moisture levels up.

    YAY! My Green Harvest order came today!
    Queensland arrowroot for my chooks and my compost (it's a great compost activator), Chia seeds, Clucker Tucker mix - all to plant in and around the chook palace in "protected" vege beds.
    The best Asian hand tools, so excited to use them all.

    Waiting for my chook palace to arrive in boxes. Then I'll book in the handyman to help construct it.
    Can't wait to see my girls all happily living in a huge space.

    From 6am till 7am I dragged lantana waste to a pile and collected the darned pool liner out of the grass.
    This could be a nice cleared area in about 6 weeks.

    I love gardening at this time of the year.

    Love EM

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  11. Lillylane
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    11 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi EM,

    The chook palace sounds amazing :)

    I’m sure they will love it.

    Yes a great time of year to get work done in the garden and there’s even been a little rain here which we don’t normally get at this time.

    Did some weeding last weekend down the north side of the house. Felt good to get that done. Need to tackle some in front of the house next.

    LL xx

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  12. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    11 August 2021 in reply to Lillylane

    Hey Lilly, I might even put a bed in the Chook Palace and sleep in there myself lol.

    I'm pretty sure our girls will be very happy in their new place.

    Weeding is pretty satisfying, do you think?
    Then a bit frustrating if that's ALL I do lol.

    I have some deadly nightshade but I rarely pull that out, only if it's growing big all alone.
    Miraculously it seems to be a marvellous trellis for my surprise tomato vines. They seem to be Companions.

    Besides some monster stumps of lantana still having the cheek to leaf up in front of me lol, I only have the odd false Dandelion way up the front oh and some bindii but less and less as the mailman comes less and less lol.
    He would always spread bindii in his motor bike wheels right across our lawn, grrr.

    Actually there's more... my gardener calls it a Mickey mouse plant that I thought was a native fuschia but was WRONG. lol. I get that out when I see it very little, asap. It's SO PRETTY but apparently noxious so it's going.
    Also still a few dreaded tobacco trees. Gosh they're difficult to rid a garden of. Only a few left but I'm super careful taking that out. Every little hair on it's leaves is a SEED. I've taken thousands of seedlings out of our garden.

    I'm pondering where to place a bath for a worm farm. It has to be in the shade. And the plug hole over a bucket, so a slope is best. Tricky decision to make for me.

    The other bath will be plugged up for it to hold water and FROGS. Maybe some reeds, gingko biloba & water chestnuts like I had. I'd LOVE some water lilies but they're so hard to find.

    Removal of the pool liner and lantana is all I'll be doing for a while except for observation.


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  13. Blue's Clues
    Blue's Clues avatar
    2296 posts
    12 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hey EM and everyone,

    EM, I actually spent time in the garden, this week! I genuinely can't remember when I last did anything much in the garden. Mostly I just tackled the lawn/soursobs (it's about a 60/40 mix, haha), which was getting quite overgrown. Pain in the bum job, my mower is on the fritz (and it was too long anyway), so I was out with the whipper snipper. I don't recommend it. Still, I got the front yard done, and about a third of the back yard, which is quite large. The rest can wait for another rare warm day in which my back has stopped hurting.

    LM came home while I was still out gardening, and by some odd co-incidence brought home a plant. He saw a little stall offering free plants near where he had an appointment that day, and acquired an Italian parsley, which I planted near our compost bin. Plenty of nutrients and a little shade for it there. Fingers crossed it does well in that spot.

    That little moment, standing in the sun, LM was ignited with enthusiasm for developing our garden space - planting some veggies and companion flowers, and lots of natives to attract birds and bees and butterflies (he is much more keen on them than the grass we have now), ruminating on having things like a water feature and a big bird feeder, and an orange tree... I haven't heard him speak like that before. I think he's finally starting to see the house and garden as ours, and not just mine, and that maybe we're collectively beginning to step out of mere survival mode after his surgery and starting to see things we want for the future.

    We also talked about your chook palace, EM. (LM says "hi" and that he loves the idea of the chook palace.) He has often commented that he would love to have chickens some day, when we're a bit more up to managing their care - rescues of course.

    The plan is to start with the orange tree - something we should be able to establish and maintain pretty easily (the other fruit trees have held up okay so far, apricot has a few flowers, now, and has produced some tasty fruit the last couple of years). Then plan and set up irrigation for the veggie patch before we plant anything - we definitely need to streamline the watering process, I haven't done so well keeping up with it manually in the past. Then companion flowers, then veggies, and so on. Very excited about the possible transformation of our space. I really hope this momentum holds.


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  14. Paw Prints
    Valued Contributor
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    1823 posts
    18 August 2021

    Hello Em, wave to everyone,

    Well my indoor plants finally arrived on Monday... they look ok considering it took over a week to get here in the post... I gave them a good drink when they arrived & am giving them a day or two to settle before re-potting them...

    Lots of plants mentioned here that I don't know, so some googling required. I do know Mother in Laws Tongue... I did consider getting one of them, but I need to work out where I could put it... being in a small cottage with a Great Dane means anywhere I place a plant needs to be safe from him sending it flying.

    Katy I saw lots of air plants in mini terrariums when I googled them... it's good to hear that they actually do well in one... I had wondered if they were just in them for the particular look of the photo... hmm... it seems I need to do more online shopping... lol

    Em I feel for you trying to get rid of the tobacco plant... my brother in law was given a seedling plant & told it was something else... when it grew & my sister realised what it was out it came... but she battled for ages to get rid of all the seedlings that sprang up everywhere...

    I'm curious what is a "fungus woodheap"???


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  15. Jstar49
    Jstar49 avatar
    832 posts
    18 August 2021

    Hey everyone,

    wow, Blue, nice to see you here- but where's Mark?? Is he ok? (Are you ok Mark??)

    Spring is in the air and it's gotten me out in the garden, along with all of you-yay!

    Blue I could see you and LM dreaming your beautiful garden space- that's sooo lovely! Parsley is the perfect! plant to start your garden with!

    I had some time to spend in a big town today, and with the state in lockdown, the only shop really was Bunnings! So, guess who came home with lots of plants!! Yep, me!

    French lavender, rosemary- the tall spikes variety;watercress-gona see how it goes in a wetspot in a pot, and keep it well watered;more thyme and marjoram, cos the chooks nearly killed the others; and a beautiful waxflower- WA native I think, so lovely. Oh and chillies! Birdseye.

    I got into the garden a couple days ago, tore out the tomatoes- remember my experiment?? Well my collected seeds have done well, running rampant over one bed. I missed my opp to tame them, but they seem happier this way.They're a smallish yellowish fruit. The others- not so good. Despite all my careful, if not timely, trellissing... And the toms that survived got eaten by birds- grrr! Oh well! Back to the 'drawing board'!

    My stinky weed tea was NOT a hit with H, when I poured it all around.....little does he know I have another batch on the go!!LOLLOL! Waiting to see miraculous improvement with my citrus!

    Katy-Indoor plants-yes! I have more stories! I have recently regrouped all our indoor plants together in one spot- H had scattered them around, but they weren't happy, esp the monstera adansonii. Now I spray them all, nearly daily, so I will see if this helps. I think plants like to be together...? Your hoyas sound amazing!! There is a native hoya I've always wanted, apparently its a butterfly attractor.....I rarely see it for sale tho. Next time I do I shall buy it and think of you- maybe I can try it out inside....But it will need to be outside for it to attract butterflies lol!

    Em are your neighbours being nasty? Shame on them! Is that who's pestering your lovely birds?? Hope the palace/fortress has arrived and is installed now and you have some peace of mind. Poor darlings. I love seeing chooks roam around, I can't understand anyone having a problem! Even their poo isn't highly offensive- until it's gathered up in huge heaps and steaming in the summer heat...then it's pungent fertiliser!!!

    I'm going to try cucumbers and beans in my garden next. Alongside the cabbages.



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  16. Blue's Clues
    Blue's Clues avatar
    2296 posts
    20 August 2021 in reply to Jstar49

    Hi J* (& EM & everyone),

    Sad to say I haven't seen Mark around since an incident in the "How can we improve the forums?" thread a while back. I was hoping he would see the support being shown after and know he is welcome and valued here. He is such an integral part of this thread, it is sad not to see him.

    Thanks for your encouragement, the parsley is doing well, even though I accidentally stepped on it a couple of times! It's right by the compost bin. I've put a marker beside it now so I'm a bit less clumsy when I'm getting compost for my other plants!

    I love the sound of all the plants you brought home, I hope they grow well. I hope to get some more herbs planted once we get irrigation organised. Rosemary can grow just about anywhere, even in my dense clay soil, without too much effort. Sounds like your tomato experiment was semi-successful. A boon for the birds, anyway. Sorry they didn't share.

    I had a chuckle at your "stinky weed tea", we got some Seasol to fertilise our citrus with, fingers crossed we get some results from that. Our poor lime looks a bit sad after last Summer, we're trying to nurse it back to health. It hasn't borne any fruit yet since I planted it a few years back, and Seasol was recommended by the guy at the nursery, along with I think sulfate of potash at the start of fruiting season.

    The thing that makes gardening this time around so beautiful is that I remember LM saying before we moved in together that he'd do what he could around the house but the garden was going to have to be my domain - his health was far too bad at that point to allow him to do anything required for garden work. So it just never occurred to me, even after the surgery, that I wouldn't be on my own with the gardening - it just looked like a big job to me, and during the surgery and the aftermath of that, all the work I'd done previously had been undone; paths, fire-pit and bark chipped areas overgrown with weeds, most of what I'd planted hadn't survived the Summer, etc. This one sunny day and a little parsley plant have changed so much for us.

    We planted our new orange tree, yesterday. Lots of home-made compost in the hole, and a handful of gypsum top and bottom as recommended by the nursery guy, to help make the clay more hospitable for the tree. It looks beautiful. Did some weeding, composting and fertilising around our other trees, too. Progress!


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  17. ecomama
    Valued Contributor
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    4567 posts
    20 August 2021 in reply to Blue's Clues

    Hello Happy BB Gardeners!

    What a beehive of activity going on for us all. I LOVE reading about everybody's garden adventures!

    Nup. No sign of the Chook Palace yet, sad to say lol.
    Hey LM! OH YEAH it's gonna be the BEST playground for my darling girls like EVER.

    Yes 2 ppl in our neighbourhood to be specific had been extremely cruel.
    Not my direct neighbours thank God. But they're "out there". Horrid ppl.

    LOVE the indoor plant info. Paws SO HAPPY yours arrived. I'm certain they'll love living at yours lol.
    A "fungus woodheap" - well it's a naturally occurring feature of many of not all forests and bushlands.
    FUNGUS IS INCREDIBLE for our gardens and us too.
    The Netflix special "Fantastic Fungi" is crammed full of incredible research on it.
    I've just grabbed a few logs around 10cm thick and added some banana trunks for moisture.
    Will nurture it "somewhat" in a Permaculture way which kinda looks like neglect to some, but with carefull thought through systems, it's just clever....

    "maximum output with minimum human input" being one focus of Permaculture.

    With my chickens being free ranging for so long, they've not allowed much to happen in the way of GRASS lol or fungus. In less than 2 weeks of them being babysat / enclosed, the grass and a few weeds are growing back.
    No watering or rain, just life springing back.

    I need more health in my soil and fungus is one way to support this.

    J* AWESOME. Wow love getting new plants lol. LOVE the skewer type Rosemary. Have fun!

    Blues HOW SWEET! I could really see through your story telling how LM is now allowing himself to plan for your future and awwww love that.
    You know the trick for citrus?
    Not bought in a shop lol.
    NITROGEN. LM could come in VERY handy for a great dose of Nitrogen directly on to the soil around your citrus.
    Many a Citrus tree has been revived after a BBQ!

    Oh J* heavens don't tell H lol... one cup of WEED TEA in a watering can is good ratios.
    No more than once a week for nitrogen loving plants - like leafy greens.

    I tidied up my garden and moved my weed tea bucket, which would overflow DOWN the garden when it rained. Now? Because I moved it? All the plants below are dying! good info there... I need to put it BACK.

    P.son said "so you're not going for aesthetics in the back yard?" LOLOL and I thought he knew his mama.
    No I never really have darling! haven't you noticed that before now?

    MAXIMUM YIELD, great health and lots of fun.

    Love EMxxxx

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  18. Jstar49
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    832 posts
    20 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi all,

    Lol Em, p.son asking about aesthetics gave me a giggle. I tend to roll my eyes when H talks about the 'look' of things in the garden-esp if it's in the vegie garden! I mean, what has that got to do with anything, really? Sometimes it does look nice, like now, with it all weeded and a new blanket of mulch down, and a new batch of seeds in. but it's not very productive. The messy times concide with the productive times!

    Hmm, one cup in a watering can- I think I may have exceeded that lol- I was keen to empty the bin and start a new lot. I did water it down, of course, just not sure how much...

    Hey Em, if I use it weekly on my leafy greens, can I still harvest? Won't it taste yuck?

    Yes, Blue, I concur with Em, being able to garden is def about seeing a future. When I was debating being here, I lost all interest in my garden. I'm so GLAD (Pollyanna GLAD!!) for you both. Your garden sounds awesome, esp the firepit.

    I didn't catch the kerfuffle in the improvements threads. I'm sorry that it seems to have caused Mark to withdraw. I hope he comes back... What shall we do here without him? He's such the resident expert!

    Got more cow dung today! My fave manure for dry garden beds! And, I remembered to water my lettuce seeds. Day one and counting....



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  19. Katyonthehamsterwheel
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    20 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hmmm not sure how I’d feel about consuming that citrus, EM! 😂

    Well I’m early to bed, after another tiring week. Popped my head out the door and wished all my succulents good luck surviving the next few months neglected lol. Sitting here reading the gardening thread instead…

    Ive googled the above mentioned indoor plants. Always nice to learn about new varieties. I don’t have to worry about pets eating them - my fur friends are too old to reach anything off the floor. I noticed today that I have fungus gnats again though, so will need to sort them out!

    Lots to enjoy here. Thanks everyone who’s shared.

    (Ps - agree it’s a shame not seeing Mark around!)

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  20. Jstar49
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    832 posts
    20 August 2021 in reply to Katyonthehamsterwheel

    🤣Katy! Just be sure you get whomever to water the ground, not actually the leaves of the lemon tree. My H was a bit confused LOL! (It's much easier for the blokes to do it!)

    I also watched the fungus doco- sooooo good! Surprising! Who knew how good Fungi were!


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  21. ecomama
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    21 August 2021


    We MISS our Grandfather Willow, your ever friendly and patient manner and your AMAZING advice!!!

    Please come back.

    I was so stunned by the talk of Mark not being here any more that I actually triggered and went into avoidance over it all.

    Sorry guys. It wasn't that I didn't care, it was that it caused me deep sadness :-(
    I explained more on my thread.

    Please come back Mark, you're truly irreplaceable. Hugs.

    Love EMxxxx

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  22. ecomama
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    21 August 2021

    Hey everyone! I didn't know who to reply to first lol, I've missed lots of questions and follow ups! So I hope to answer better now.

    I'm all warm and fuzzy reading everyone's enthusiasm for gardening here!

    Paws: you are now an Honorary GREEN THUMB lol! The more you hang out with old hat gardeners, the more you realise that we all have dismal failures BUT these are not failures nay nay... these are learning opportunities.
    The most magical thing about being a gardener is our RESILIENCE. Resilience is a great Mental HEALTH element to grow inside of us.
    Each of us live in different climates, have spectacularly differing micro-climates in all our growing spaces.
    So what works for someone may not work for everyone.
    Steiner (father of Biodynamics) said we don't need charts etc, we need to connect with our earth and our plants and INTUIT. This intuition strengthens over time.

    Katy: Sanseveria LOVE sunlight! In a pot they love it less as the sun will dry the potting mix out quickly. But they are a succulent (hot dry climes) so need SOME water - Alexa doesn't water hers unless the soil is bone dry lol.
    If they're yellowing, could need new potting mix? I'll talk more about the 'Nitrogen topic' later lol!!!
    Have you read the 'Celestine Prophecies'?
    AMAZING read! I think Gardening paired with your chosen career field, this would be awesome info.
    An experiment in this book had ppl PRAY or 'focus on with pure intent' one plant with no more elements than the others and it GREW the healthiest!
    When I had 7y of Legals + Courts, I Prayed to my garden to stay alive, yep. Zero watering, nothing from me, yah - harsh. Lantana grew over the top up to 5m high. After it was all done, I "got the house", I thought NOTHING would've survived that long. As I cut the lantana back I was in tears seeing my babies were THERE!
    The monsterios were monsters lol! All my fruit trees were under there! Now they see their mama every day :-)

    LillyPilly: Oyster mushroom growing takes a week for first harvest! Needs cool temps so almost counts us out.
    Please watch Fantastic Fungi if you can, it will BLOW YOUR MIND!

    Blues: still warmed by your story awww.

    J*: do you know what shut my critics up about "beauty"?
    Putting in fancy TRELLISES. How trivial!
    I made one from wood pickets. Others are pretty decorative metal and fancy.
    Now ppl see these first and say "Oh I LOVE that garden!" lol. Yep trivial.
    It works hahaha. 'Sleight of hand' magic.

    Love EMxxxx

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  23. ecomama
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    21 August 2021

    "A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit.”

    A nice reminder about our care for the earth as well.

    Fungus: if we have healthy fungus populations in our gardens, we'll have healthier gardens systems.
    There's SO MUCH happening beneath the surface of the soil. So much microbial activity that root systems, including those of fungus, support healthy soils.
    To find out that trees COMMUNICATE via fungus populations below ground is AMAZING to me!
    So much of Fantastic Fungi was enlightening.

    Nitrogen: lol, fear not dear Katy. As J*, said directing the nitrogen onto the soil around the tree is not going to harm anyone. In fact CITRUS needs lots of nitrogen for sweet, juicy fruit (amongst other things if we choose).
    We've only used that form of Nitrogen, nothing else at all, on our citrus for over 20y and the fruits are beautiful.
    I wouldn't use THIS form of nitrogen on potted Citrus, nup not me. Too confined, can't trust it.

    Composting: I've had the most incredible gardeners work with me in my garden, mostly "hired" through our LETS system. One from the Botanical Gardens! 2 others from the CSIRO. Others from ground breaking initiatives contracted by the Govt to clean up poisoned rivers - using only natural solutions. I'm quite blessed lol.

    All these ppl shared and confirmed a thought about COMPOSTING. (Contrary to my beloved Peter Cundall's practices but he put HEAVY work into growing food).
    They all said never put manures, including mushroom compost, DIRECTLY on to our vege beds, to only put these in our composting systems.

    You can do whatever you choose!

    Their reasoning: if our aim is to IMPROVE the health of our soils over time (not deplete or destroy it), then we need a steady, slow INCREASE of nutrients.
    Having a vast array of materials put IN TO our composts attracts a broader variety of life into it too.
    Then it works to break down everything.

    Putting nutrient laden anything directly on to soil, sharply INCREASES this element, but then we can observe a DEPLETION. The plants may LOOK good for a while, then may suffer, droop, even die. Soils can dry out quickly.
    I liken this to us humans needing more energy, then drinking caffeine for a PICK up> sharp increase then a lag.
    Better to eat nutritious food all the time and NOT need this pick up> the energy we put in is dispersed evenly over our days and nights.

    Hopefully this makes sense?

    Love EMxxxx

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  24. pl515p1
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    107 posts
    21 August 2021
    I put your bamboo in a glass jar filled with marbles and water, I think it is fading though, I'm sorry dad.

    The neighbour has a nice garden, you would like it, looks likes your one from Central Coast.
    I thought about giving her your Eco gift, I don't know.
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  25. Jstar49
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    832 posts
    21 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi all,

    Great idea about the trellises Em, I have lots of blank fences that I could do this with!

    It's only my H who needs to see my garden tidy- he loves to mow, and have straight lines lol- SO different to me!

    It's an interesting point about the compost Em- I've heard that also. At times when I don't have any compost ready I will put manure on, but I usually leave it for ages to break down into the soil.

    Also love the whole pray /put good energy into plants, in the same way as the experiment with water crystals and music- Emoto was his name, I just googled it. Stunning confirmation of the need to speak kind thoughts and words to ourselves, as we are over 60% water.....

    I got impatient this spring, bought manure in a bag (which I don't do usually) and spread all my other goodies- blood and bone, rock dust, IDK what else! The seeds are in and we'll see how they grow. I don't really have the space to grow food the way I want, by deep resting, and full crop rotation. My newest theory is to limit my plant varieties- but I rarely ever do that! I want to grow a little bit of everything!

    P15- are you thinking about your dad with fathers day coming up? My dad was the gardener in our family. We don't talk about it much tho. He used to use lots of 'stuff' to get his tomatoes growing well, disease free, so we differ in our approaches. I'm not looking fwd to FD. Too fraught with landmines.

    Hope everyone's keeping well, and enjoying their plants. Play them some nice music! Apparently they like classical.... :)



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  26. Katyonthehamsterwheel
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    22 August 2021

    Went out and pulled lots of big fat snails off my pea plants last night! Surprised they’re still alive with how munched they are - poor things! I ate my first two snow peas which were quite underwhelming lol Not sure why they seemed so bland rather than zingy n fresh. Oh well

    I read the Celestine Prophecy years ago. I may need another copy to refresh my mind EM. But pray I am! Those plants cost me a mint lol! I want them to live!

    No classical music here I’m afraid though, J. Do plants like The Prodigy? Maybe sanseveria hate it! Lol

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  27. ecomama
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    22 August 2021 in reply to Katyonthehamsterwheel

    Lolol, my plants LOVE rock music! And Hymns! hahaha maybe they just grow because they're rather confused.

    As long as our energy is HAPPY, I'm sure they'll do better!

    Has anyone read the Anastacia series?
    THAT was incredible.
    She would put the seeds in her mouth and swirl them around.
    Then plant them.
    Apparently research has shown that the seeds RESPOND to the nutrient deficiencies they detected in our saliva, like WOW.

    Just love all those studies. Yes I read about the Japanese study about water. Also I think the same culture studying benefits of Sanseveria on our night stands for more peaceful sleep!

    I think it all just says to me SLEEP IN YOUR GARDEN lol! My kids know that's coming next lol.

    Papa Brush Turkey dragged lots of dead lantana branches to the edge of the pool fence, gosh he's well trained! hahaha, bit of Anastacia happening here.

    So I was easily able to fill my green bin today. I estimate another 8 bins left just from the pulled down pool area.
    I'll count and let you know lol.

    Probably 20 garbage bags (well we use empty Chook Seed bags) of pool line to collect.
    That's a darned nuisance but hey, getting there.

    I am LOVING Exploring Alternatives on YouTube and a link from there to Rob Greenfield wow... amazing endeavours. Love it all.

    We just need some constant soaking rain now... it's so dry here.

    OMG almost forgot to tell you what I came in here to post.
    So we've had a terrible issue with flies in our dining / kitchen area. AWFUL.

    I watched them (whilst swatting them 1000x lol)... they were landing mostly on my HOYA plant, hanging above my toaster yuck.

    I took it outside and hung it under our front eave.

    It seems to have attracted flies, like why??

    It may not be the ONLY attractant but since removing it, the flies seemed to be less interested in being there now..


    Love EMxxxx

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  28. Gambit87
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    740 posts
    23 August 2021

    Hello everyone!

    Spring is in the air!!!

    love checking out the wildflower pics on facebook! keen to take a trip to kings park in the next few weeks to check out the flowers!

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  29. ecomama
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    23 August 2021 in reply to Gambit87

    Hey Gambit, Yes it is!

    You can SMELL it can't you? lol.

    So warm today and 18C at 7pm at night - nice.

    Today was my first official day on Leave of 5 days leave.
    I LAPPED IT UP in the garden, since it's pretty obvious I won't have much of chance for a long time.

    I got 3 huge tubs of dried straw infused with chook poo, yum! LOL!
    Spread throughout the place.

    Found a very tired looking Geranium a "friend" gave me years ago during the Courts era, thinking gardening would distract me. I didn't have time for gardening or anything else but accepted the gift and didn't say that lol.

    The Geranium was for an empty retro pot. Planted it in there but boy the soil was depleted, yet growing LOTS of grass sprigs. I collected all the crappy soil and grass. Cut the Geranium well back. Planted some cuttings around the pot too.
    Watered well.
    Hope it takes there. It's been sitting NEXT to this pot in position for about a year so I could see if it coped with the harsh dry spot. Seemed to.

    I sprinkled the depleted soil and some chook manure dustings into a strip between bricks I've had to use to stop the chooks and turkeys scratching there.
    Then carefully planted the tiny grass sprigs lol. Watered with a fine spray.
    This spot is HIGH on my slope and erosion is an issue. Hopefully the thin strips of branches buried there will help hold the soil.

    TODAY our Chook Palace arrived in not 3 boxes lol but 7.
    So heavy.
    One soon took it to the porch downstairs, unpacked it all and went back to his studies.

    I have to text my Handyman tonight and give him the headsup it's all here.
    Perhaps he can come throughout the week... if not I hope he works weekends!
    He won't be able to construct this without help and maybe a LOT of help IDK.

    After I take eldest daughter to hospital, leaving home at 6am in the morning, supervise another son's HSC Trials and organise the kids when I get home, I need to clear the area for the Chook Palace - again.
    One or both Papa BTs have dragged all sorts through the area, long sticks etc.

    I hope they weren't from my FUNGUS HEAP :-( guess I'll find out tomorrow lol.


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  30. Lillylane
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    23 August 2021 in reply to ecomama

    Hi All,

    I’m recovering from some illness, so feeling a bit sorry for myself - especially not being able to get out and weed and mulch.

    I learnt that trees can communicate with each other from watching the kids show, The Magic School Bus :)

    Kids shows are so different now to what I remember as a kid.

    Definitely feels like Spring is just about here.

    LL x

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