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Topic: Working from home

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  1. Samsonsam
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    17 posts
    5 November 2019
    I have seen a few posts where people are stressing about getting a job due to either social anxiety or some other type of anxiety.

    So here are a few tips.

    1. Get a job working from home - There is plenty of online work now days that pay $20+ per an hour. I have an online job where I earn $80k a year, choose my starting and finishing hours and get unlimited annual leave. I had degrees besides by year 12 certificate and even in year 12 I did horribly. This isn't to brag this is to point out times are changing there are plenty of online jobs. Better yet if you still have free time and arent rushing to get a job use that time to self study an industry. The best way to learn about a particular industry is to find the subreddit or a forum dedicated to it.

    2. Once you do have a job your anxiety isn't going to go away in fact if you dont try deal with it it may increase. After getting my job I rarely went out and my anxiety went up 10 fold. I now deal with it by meditating daily, going for daily walks, and going to the shops every couple of days.

    3. Be ambitious - when I got my current job I did it because I lost my life saving and i was fed up with working in the career I had chosen. I pushed myself to apply for jobs I didnt actually think I would stand a chance at getting.

    4. Where do I find online work? - use job search engines but dont use Australian based ones. Find ones that are dedicated to startups or international work. Sites like seek will be useless because they focus on Australian industry work.

    4. Dont work from home -working from home is not for everyone. It can be lonely, make you lazy and complacent, requires more self responsibility. My overall suggestion would be for you to fight for a career that you actually have an interest in. Focus on dealing with your stress and anxiety. Know that people care about you even if we dont know you personally nothing hurts more than reading a story about someone that has anxiety, depression or had committed suicide. There are good people in the world that want the best for you.
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  2. Samsonsam
    Samsonsam avatar
    17 posts
    5 November 2019 in reply to Samsonsam
    Appears there is no edit button.

    I meant to say "I had no degrees"
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