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Topic: First post

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  1. freddofrog
    freddofrog avatar
    6 posts
    27 August 2021

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new to this forum and have feeling extremely down for over a year now and am loosing my motivation to go on. I have not been diagnosed with anything because I initially thought these feelings would pass, but they haven't. I have extreme mood swings, no motivation and have started to have panic attacks at night because I feel anxious about my families wellbeing in the house (is that normal?), I also have awful intrusive/suicidal thoughts and am basically living a life inside my head. lol. I feel extremely lonely, and this has made me paranoid and clingy towards my 'friends'.

    Just wondering if anyone could help...

    Sorry to bother

  2. Sophie_M
    Community Moderator
    • Works for beyondblue moderating these forums
    Sophie_M avatar
    6816 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to freddofrog
    Hi Freddo,

    Welcome to the forums, and thank you for sharing this here. What an incredibly brave thing to do, we hope you can see this as a really big first step towards feeling better. We’re sorry to hear you’ve been feeling like you’re going through it on your own and feeling like you have a secret life inside your head.

    It’s important that you reach out to a trusted adult or health professional and let them know about this. This could be family, a school counsellor or a trusted teacher, or your GP or other health professional. We know how hard this can be, but please know you’ve made an incredible first step in sharing on the forum today, so well done. Here's some more info on how you can get support and keep yourself safe.

    We really welcome and encourage you to call Beyond Blue to talk this through. They’re kind, understanding, and can give you some help with reaching out to your treatment team. They’re always available on 1300 22 4636, or you can use webchat or email. A few more options are KidsHelpline on 1800 55 1800 and Headspace on 1800 650 890. All of these options are also available through webchat, if you'd prefer:

    If you are at any time unsafe, or feel at risk of harm to yourself, please call 000 immediately.

    Many forum members, who will likely join us on this thread soon, may have experience with some of the challenges you mention. We hope this brings you some comfort, and helps you to feel that you don't have to be alone with this.

    Kind regards,

    Sophie M

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  3. freddofrog
    freddofrog avatar
    6 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to Sophie_M
    Thank you Sophie for your advice and kind words
  4. jsm1974
    jsm1974 avatar
    58 posts
    27 August 2021

    Hi freddo,

    First I just wanted to say that you aren't a bother at all to anyone on here. Personally I feel there is strength in numbers and that the more people you know who are also going through a hard time, the less completely alone you'll feel. So, if anything, your post is a contribution, not a bother.

    I can certainly relate to what you are describing and, while I'm most definitely a work in progress, the key words there are "in action". The sooner you seek help, the sooner you'll get the tools you need to feel better. Don't get frustrated if you don't immediately find the right therapist for you. I've been through several and am currently desperately looking, but I'm confident I'll find someone...eventually.

    As others have also pointed out, the free emergency services like lifeline and beyondblue are a great place to start.

    hope this helps you a bit!

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  5. jsm1974
    jsm1974 avatar
    58 posts
    27 August 2021 in reply to jsm1974
    By the way, I should also note that if you're in NSW, the Mental Health hotline (1800 011 511) can be really helpful and can put you in contact with a care team. I'm in that process currently, and they are quite understanding and seem to really want to help. I would guess that similar hotlines in other states would be good as well. I've contacted them twice today (so far), but they have also scheduled to call me every day this weekend, so they are very proactive.
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  6. freddofrog
    freddofrog avatar
    6 posts
    28 August 2021 in reply to jsm1974

    Thank you Jsm,

    These will be very useful, I will look into it!

  7. Petal22
    Community Champion
    • Outstanding members who have volunteered their time to support others here on the forums
    • A member of beyondblue's blueVoices community
    Petal22 avatar
    2124 posts
    29 August 2021 in reply to freddofrog

    Hi fredddofrog,

    Wellcome to our forums!

    Sorry you are feeling this way I understand.

    I had severe anxiety OCD but I have now recovered from this condition thanks to the help I received from health professionals.

    You may be interested in reading two of my threads

    From someone who had OCD and recovered


    Effective treatment for OCD Meta cognitive therapy.

    Im not saying you have this condition it was something I was diagnosed with……… I was constantly living in my head, having panic attacks, I’d have horrible dark intrusive thoughts that were very loud and on repeat….

    I didn’t want to be alone while I was in the grips of this condition…

    My first step towards recovery was seeing my gp we did a mental health plan together this then enabled me to see a clinical psychologist and I saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed me I then did a 8 week therapy for OCD…..

    Please don’t hesitate in making an appointment with your gp and letting them know how you have been feeling and how the way you are feeling is effecting your life.

    You aren’t a bother we are all here on this forum as a community to support you.

    here to chat

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  8. freddofrog
    freddofrog avatar
    6 posts
    30 August 2021 in reply to Petal22

    Hi Petal,

    Thank you for your advice and support I will definitely read your threads which you left above.

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