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Forums / Suicidal thoughts and self-harm / Hating Uni, struggling with my mental health

Topic: Hating Uni, struggling with my mental health

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  1. sabbath18
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    15 March 2019

    I recently started my first semester at university, I absolutely hate it. I thought I was interested in the degree I'm currently studying (as I was passionate about it in high school) but I'm not. Uni is making me miserable, I find myself vomiting every night from the thought of being there, I have a mental breakdown before going to my classes. I'm beginning to skip lectures and tutorials, I've had the entire week off and If I don't attend my classes next week I'll be facing a technical fail. As someone who struggles with social anxiety, Uni is not the place for me. In my tutorials, the tutors force group work and working together down our throats, they do not allow us to work independently and I hate it. (I thrive off independent learning).

    I am thinking about deferring my course for a year but I am not currently employed, my parents basically forced me into tertiary education. I've tried to discuss with them how university isn't something I want to do currently, and how bad it is affecting my mental health ( I've been having suicidal thoughts, but not acting upon them) My parents don't understand and they always tell me to "get over it" and "we all have to do things we don't want to do, it's a part of life". I really want to leave before March 31 (census date) after that, I will be charged for my subjects and stuck with late withdrawal fees etc. I am scared, I am lost in my life, unsure of what to do. I want to leave Uni but I'll have nothing for me, my parents would definitely not approve of my decisions. I really need advice on what to do in this type of situation.

  2. romantic_thi3f
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    1704 posts
    15 March 2019 in reply to sabbath18

    Hi sabbath18,

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for being here.

    I'm sorry that you're really struggling with this. I'm also glad to know that you're not acting upon your suicidal thoughts. Given a lot of your post is about the course and it sounds like you're kind of after some practical advice I'll do my best to focus on that -

    I'm reading through your post and it sounds like it's the social aspects of uni that really get to you rather than the content itself. Is that right? What course are you studying?

    I too thrive on independent learning, and so far all of my studies have been online. I'm wondering if maybe this is an option for you? Where would you like to end up after uni?

    I've just realised that there's no advice in this post (sorry about that) - but I think that if I can get some more information or insight into where you're at hopefully we can work our way through to where to next.

  3. smallwolf
    Community Champion
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    2181 posts
    16 March 2019 in reply to romantic_thi3f

    Hi sabbath18,

    romantic_thi3f asked some good questions to you to think about, and quite relevant to your situation.

    The important thing to note is that there are options.

    Last year I dropped a subject before the census date and nothing is recorded against that subject. And there are still enough day between now and then to do something.

    If I could make a suggestion, it would be to talk to someone in the counselling section at Uni (you should be able to find them via student services) and have a chat about your situation with a view to working out a way forwards.



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