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Topic: Caring for Family

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  1. Tamrin
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    3 posts
    21 April 2018


    I am the carer for my son at present, he has a Mental Health condition, psychosis and an ongoing addition drugs, alcohol. I joined the group to get some support as I am feeling overwhelmed by trival things with other family members ( not the addicted one). I think I just cant added anymore things to my own head. I was geared up work as I have let it slip for a few weeks ( I work for myself) but 2 other family members with ( I would say arguing) but discussing some in my ear and I went to retreat mode ( putting my head in the hands to block out the sound) . They saw I was kind of distressed and left. Then the tears came and I cant manage to get myself into work mode. So today I decided I needed some help or support from other carers. Thank you for being here!

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  2. Elizabeth CP
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    21 April 2018 in reply to Tamrin
    I have a son currently in a psych ward. He is married but I cared for him when he first became unwell. I am full time carer for my husband who has a degenerative condition (not MI) & had to give up work to care for him. Caring can be rewarding & we do it because we genuinely care about the family member & want the best for them. Unfortunately it is also extremely stressful watching someone you love suffer due to their condition. It can also be very demanding particularly when they are very unwell. I find my own needs become secondary to my role as a carer & the future can sometimes feel bleak. My situation is different to yours but feeling overwhelmed is common to many carers & little things we could normally handle easily can become too hard. Carers Australia website will give you contact details. You can get free counselling through them. There are a number of other helplines for carers which are worth ringing. I have found them helpful
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  3. Tamrin
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    3 posts
    21 April 2018 in reply to Elizabeth CP
    Thanks Elizabeth, I will do a search of the Carers website. I appreciate your words .

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