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Topic: Highly anxious 10 yo

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  1. Briony333
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    5 January 2018

    My son suffers from anxiety. It's made worse by my ptsd war traumatised father who is also highly anxious.

    he has intrusive thoughts and makes weird sounds. It started off as experiments with voice but it seems to comfort him. I've been telling him to replace his sounds with positive thoughts eg instead of making wheezing noises say what a great day I've had.

    hes been seeing school psych. They tested him as gifted but I am not sure his anxiety is linked to any of this gifted business even though people on the forums say it is.

    My partner says it'll pass.

    I feel so guilty keeping him away from my father but it's for everyone's mental health.

    Mine is not good at the moment.

  2. geoff
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    5 January 2018 in reply to Briony333
    hi Briony, can I welcome you to the site and with his father coming back from a traumatised war zone isn't going to help your son with these intrusive thoughts, and now that they have started there maybe a tendency that they could develop even further, so that's a worry.

    Intrusive thoughts are normally linked to OCD caused by anxiety, so at the moment there is your son, your husband and yourself beginning to feel the effects of mental illness, and if both parents are finding it difficult then it could be passed on their kids, not that they want this to happen.

    If your son has been seeing the school counsellor then it would be worth taking him and yourself off to see your doctor and get them to refer you both to a psychologist, under the mental health plan, which entitles you to 10 free visits.

    I would be more interested to see how it's going. Geoff.
  3. Bethie
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    5 January 2018 in reply to Briony333


    I can so relate to you. My husband also suffers chronic PTSD from active military service and we have a 14 year old son. My anxiety tends to sky rocket at the worst times when' hubby was being taken to the phyc ward. Our son was badly effected by seeing and hearing his father go through nightmares and flashbacks.

    Best advice I can give you is what worked for us. My husband is now on ant anxiety/ant depressants and also small amounts of natural plant.

    The defence forces have specialised support for families and children as well. I know my son benefited greatly from being able to talk to other kids about his Dad.

    I am medicated myself and get phone councilling as well as having contact via the army to help if needed.

    With kids it's hard knowing how much to explain to them. Maybe get your husband to let him know Daddy will be ok and is going to see a special doctor who will help Mummy and Daddy

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