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Forums / Supporting family and friends with a mental health condition (carers) / I need help - partner has depression and anxiety

Topic: I need help - partner has depression and anxiety

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  1. N-
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    19 November 2017
    My partner has depression and anxiety. I love him to pieces and I know we are meant for each other. He is the best guy I know but his anxiety gets the best of him a lot. We both live with my parents at the moment and are trying to save to get our own place. I’m finding it super hard lately to be strong for him when all he seems to want is to get out of this house, but we can’t afford it yet. He also suffers from social anxiety in a bad way. And my family has always been entertainers. Now we haven’t had a lot of people around but when we do he traps himself in our room, then complains he can’t leave for anything. He can’t go downstairs he can’t leave the house, all just because my parents have guests. I try to suggest leaving completely doing our own thing, I’ve tried to get him to overcome it and meet people l, but I never force him to. I don’t know what to do to help him he just gets angry and we fight. I try and be there for him I really have for a while now. I am just getting scared. If he can’t deal with 2 extra people in the house for one night. How can I build a whole future with him. I don’t want to loose him. I fear he is going to shut down and shut me out and ruin us. And he won’t realise until it’s to late. I will stand by his side no matter what but I’m afraid he is going to push me away. I just want to be happy together.
  2. geoff
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    20 November 2017 in reply to N-
    hello N-, the position you are in is difficult, because you want to help your partner but at the same time start to begin thinking about developing a group of friends of your own so when you do have enough money saved up move into your home, however I don't think that that's going to happen while your partner is struggling with social anxiety, so this is where he needs to start getting the help which he desperately needs, but this may also prove to be a problem being able to talk with a psychologist, because you can't have a discussion with him over this topic.
    Perhaps you could contact Reachout who are people dressed up in casual clothes which will remove the dominance which professionals may look like, wearing a tie.
    He has indicated that he could have social anxiety, but he hasn't admitted that this is actually a problem he has to overcome, not unless he has told you.
    At the moment he is stuck because he doesn't want to be there with your parents, but you don't have anywhere else to go, this has prompted me to mention if you went to Anglicare then they can provide an emergency house/flat plus they also have counselling, so say to him that there might be someone who can help you out, but you both need to go. Geoff.

  3. chrissy1
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    172 posts
    20 November 2017 in reply to geoff

    To geoff

    just read ur thread to N and mentioned Reachout can u tell me more. Thank u for all ur threads to us, they mean a lot.

    look forward to hear from u.


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