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Topic: Is it all my fault?!

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  1. skye1
    skye1 avatar
    4 posts
    12 May 2018

    Is it all my fault? Am I the one making my parter worse. Is it me that’s hindering his treatment to ice addiction?

    I keep doing everything I can to help. And he wants to get better but it’s so hard for him and I keep coming to a cross road and just think we’ll maybe it it’s me?

  2. james1
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    2979 posts
    14 May 2018 in reply to skye1

    Hello skye1,

    The first thing is no it is not your fault. That's why it's ice addiction. He's addicted. His body is addicted. You have nothing to do with this addiction, and even his own recovery is going to be 99% on his own.

    It sounds like you are trying very hard to be his support which is really nice of you, and I am sure it is helping him greatly from being in an even worse position. But it also sounds like you're feeling a bit burnt out by this. How are you feeling?

    It can be very hard supporting someone who engages in self-destructive behaviour. Do you also have support yourself?


  3. Croix
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    10565 posts
    14 May 2018 in reply to skye1

    Dear Skye1~

    When a person has an ice addiction the whole of life changes, both for them and those around them. It is a very addictive substance that has far reaching effects on the user's mind and body. Trying to stop using it is not straightforward and normally requires professional help, and in many cases a proper rehab facility to be effective. Even after use has stopped the susceptibility to relapse needs addressing.

    While I seriously doubt that you have made things more difficult for your partner I would like to ask what is worrying you. Has he for example blamed you for his lack of improvement or something like that? Often people do take the easy way out and blame others rather than themselves.

    I'm sure you do everything you can to help. Sadly it does not always work. Seeing someone you love struggle with addiction is a heart-rending thing, and you need support and care too - as James1 has said. So who is there for you? A parent, family member or friend to lend support can be a pretty good thing stopping one from feeling all alone.

    Please come back and say how you are going


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