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Topic: Changing psychologist

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  1. cindynas
    cindynas avatar
    1 posts
    14 January 2022

    Hello, I'm in the middle of the health care plan and want to change to another psychologist. I understand I would need to see my GP to get a referral to a new psychologist, my question is:

    1. Do I have to go back to the same GP who wrote the mental health care plan & referred me to this current psychologist?

    2. Do I have to see the psychologist that the GP recommends, or am I free to see any psychologist of my choosing?

  2. Summer Rose
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    1616 posts
    15 January 2022 in reply to cindynas

    Hi Cindynas

    Welcome to the bb forum.

    From my experience, you can definitely see any psychologist of your choosing.

    Many people change treating practitioners for a wide variety of reasons-cost, distance, available appointment times, etc. However, it’s really important to change if it’s not the right person and/or the right treatment for you.

    I could be wrong but you should be able to see any GP to help you sort it out.

    The administrative side of mental health care plans is a bit tiresome but I’m sure you’ll get there. Good luck!

    Kind thoughts to you

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  3. missep123
    Community Champion
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    873 posts
    16 January 2022 in reply to cindynas

    Hi Cindynas!

    I agree with what Summer Rose has written above regarding seeing a new GP. People change GPs for many different reasons, I have even bounced around before too until I found the right fit.

    From what I understand when a GP writes a referral to a psychologist if they have someone in mind they may put the psychologists name on the referral letter. I think it might be a good idea to have an open conversation with your new GP that you want to research psychologists yourself to find the right fit. I have heard of GPs writing 'open' referral letters where they put the referral and their details but keep the psychologist section blank which can allow you bring it to different psychologist practices.

    I'm not 100% sure though but when I worked at my insurance job I remember this happening at times so it may be an idea to ask about it.

    I hope this helps and best of luck! We are here for you course!

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