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Topic: Dsp rejection

4 posts, 0 answered
  1. BipolarKitten
    BipolarKitten avatar
    4 posts
    19 September 2018

    Hi all sorry if this is in the wrong spot - I was unsure of where to put it.

    So hopefully I can keep this short. I'm on my second Dsp application, the first one was rejected because I wasn't "stable" enough and the suggested to wait a few months and then reapply rather than appeal it which is what I've done but I just received an email saying that I failed to meet the 20 point criteria however not only did I submit the same information and letters (and then new stuff as well) as last time, but they never bothered to contact me to give me a capacity assessment which is something they did last time.

    I guess really I'm at a loss as to how I met the 20 points last time but not this time and I don't know if I should launch a review, an appeal or submit an entirely new application.

    Has anyone else been in this position? Unfortunately I've only got until the first week of November with my looking for work exclusion so I don't have loads of time to sit around and figure out my next steps.

    Just FYI I went in with bipolar 2, adhd, and agoraphobia, all diagnosed and treated. Psychiatrists notes (going back over ten years), hospital summaries and gp letters submitted.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. PamelaR
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    2681 posts
    24 September 2018 in reply to BipolarKitten
    Hi Bipolar Kitten and welcome to Beyond Blue forums

    Sorry it’s taken so long to respond to your post.

    You’ve asked some very good questions about DSP (Disability Support Pension). I’m not one it, but my brother is and luckily he’s been on it for some years now as he is declared legally blind.

    I know a few months ago the criteria and conditions of the DSP changed, but not sure how this affected the application process. Having read a few blogs about it, I see that there is a long waiting time, and the process of review can take some time. Also phoning apparently is quite frustrating as well.

    In the first instance, I’d try to find out why you met the 20 point criteria last time, but don’t now. The Department of Human Services (or is it back to Social Services now?) does have a lot of information that helps you see how you should meet the criteria. They’ve tried to make it user friendly. Have you had a look at their website -

    One option maybe is to ask your Ombudsman for a review. You’ll need all your paper work to give them.

    Also, their is a thread here under the Staying Well forum - This Bipolar Life. Maybe there are others there who have similar experiences. Feel free to join discussions on any of the threads that are relevant to you.

    Kind regards

  3. Tweet-Heart
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    74 posts
    28 September 2018 in reply to BipolarKitten

    Hi Bipolar kitten, maybe best to submit a new claim rather than appeal. If you are in Victoria call Social security rights Victoria or consult legal aid in your state.

    You might want to consult your federal MP to do a ministerial representation on your behalf.

    All the best

  4. Tweet-Heart
    Tweet-Heart avatar
    74 posts
    28 September 2018 in reply to BipolarKitten

    Your treating professionals must refer to the impairment tables in their assessment and specifically mention it with examples of how your disability affects your ability to function.

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