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Forums / Treatments, health professionals and therapies / ECT/TMS and private health insurance

Topic: ECT/TMS and private health insurance

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  1. spooler93
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    9 April 2019

    Hi all

    I'm considering ECT or TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) therapy in order to treat severe depression. I talked to my psychiatrist today and he mentioned that both would be a lot cheaper with private health insurance. He said that without private insurance, both services would probably cost around 3-5 thousand dollars. However, I'm concerned about what private health providers will actually cover, as well as how long the waiting period will be until I can access the services. I want to keep disruption of my life to a minimum, so I'd rather do as many of the treatments as an outpatient as possible. Does anyone have experience of getting these services provided under a private health provider?

  2. Croix
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    8501 posts
    11 April 2019 in reply to spooler93

    Dear Spooler~

    I would think there might be some hope, both on the pre-existing condition problem and also the limitations to types of treatment. Choice had a good article about some of the things to consider, you may find it useful as a checklist:

    Ringing around the funds armed wiht that you may find joining one particular one rather than another suits you best.

    I hope this helps


  3. Rob851
    Rob851 avatar
    21 posts
    4 February 2020 in reply to spooler93
    How did you go with this? And what state are you in?

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